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Off the Record: What I Did On My Summer Vacation

To be honest, I have no idea what this rock located in the center of Concord, Mass's Monument Square is supposed to symbolize. I have my own theories. They involve Paul Revere and a sword stuck in the stone, Paul Revere triumphantly removing the sword from the stone, and Paul Revere riding for glory through the streets of Boston with a now flaming sword and that flaming sword lopping the heads off of the British. I could be wrong...READ MORE

So, The Cleveland Browns Want to Update Their Game Day Music…I’ll Bite. Here Are 10 Realistic Cleveland Browns Game Day Songs

I typically stay away from Top 10 Lists. The internet is flooded with them and every time someone clicks on a Top 10 List that means another piece of real writing dies. But, when I read the Browns were looking to update their game day experience by, amongst other things, bringing some new music into First Energy Stadium, I couldn't pass up the chance to voice my own, realistic opinion on the songs which should play while the Browns a...READ MORE

Off the Record: Don’t Be Another Chickenshit in the Home of the Brave, Stand Up for Real Gun Reform

Fuck this shit. What happened to land of the free and home of the brave? All I see are people too chickenshit to take action after each and every one of these senseless murder sprees, like the one yesterday, which took the lives of 20 first-graders in Newtown, Connecticut. Think about that for a moment. A gunman let loose with handguns and an assault rifle and murdered 20 children. You used to be a first-grader, right? You may even h...READ MORE

Off the Record: “Why do you hate kids?”

Bill Lipold, 37, who works nearby in the blue-collar neighborhood of older homes and factories, yelled “Why do you hate kids” to Hardin. Perhaps you've heard the story about the Cleveland woman who passed a school bus by driving on the sidewalk because she was in such a hurry in the morning. Part of her sentence was to hold an "Idiot" sign on the corner of 38th and Superior, east of downtown Cleveland. My day job is no more th...READ MORE

Public Service Announcement: VOTE! on November 6th

Look, I'm not here to tell you how to vote tomorrow. I have my reasons. You have your reasons. And, I'm not about to get into an argument over whose platform would be better for you, your family, and a big city like Cleveland. This is a music website where we can argue about music in a friendly manner. I have no interest in stoking flamethrowers and trolls. The important thing is that you participate in this thing cal...READ MORE

Off the Record: Frankenstorm Is Real

Be safe Cleveland and don't do as I have done. You may think it's cool to go out to the lake and experience the full force of Frankenstorm from the shores of Lake Erie; You may think it's cool to stand on the edge of the shore with your arms outstretched and scream, "FRANKENSTORM!!!" You may think this is all a game, but the number of downed trees I saw all over Edgewater Park, not to mention those up and down the streets just so...READ MORE