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"Souvenirs D’un Autre Monde" by Alcest

Meet my latest obsession: Alcest, the work of French black metal multi-instrumentalist Stephane Pout (also known as Neige). I know what you're thinking. French? Don't you despise the French and their thick sauces, exquisite cheeses, and disco records. Black Metal? Are you hanging out with your old D&D crew from Valley Forge High School again? It's cool dudes, just stick with me on this one. Alcest is about as black meta... Read More

Brian Jonestown Massacre Leaks My Bloody Underground, The Latest Album by the Brain Jonestown Massacre

Anton A. Fjordson, better known as Anton Newcombe, has released a rough mix of the new Brain Jonestown Massacre album, My Bloody Underground, via torrent and zip file on the band's offical website. Judging by some of the song titles on this one ("Dropping Bombs on The White House","We Are the N_'s of the World" and "Automatic F_ For the People"), he's just as controversial and confrontational as ever. My early reaction to My B... Read More

Culture Bully’s Choose Your Own Giveaway

One of my good buds in the blogging business, Culture Bully, is running his second annual Choose Your Own Giveaway promotion. During the month of September, 2 winners will be randomly selected each day to choose from one of free 5 cds. Read More

Deerhunter: P4K Broke the Band, Then They Really Broke the Band

Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the Deerhunter news. This past week saw the publication of a pretty sweet pissing match between Bradford Cox of Deerhunter and LA writer Jeff Weiss where a bad review and the artist's reaction to said review quickly devolved into the stuff of internet legend. Then on Friday, while everyone one else had already checked out for the long weekend, Pitchfork published a statement by the freshly ex... Read More

"I Just Want to Make Love to You" by Radio Moscow

Do yourself a favor. Before you click play on this tune, remove from your mind any memory you may have of Foghat covering the Willie Dixon blues classic, "I Just Want to Make Love to You." My reasons for forgetting Foghat involve a rib cook off in Akron with Foghat, Iron Butterfly, Mountain, and a bunch of really big and really drunk biker dudes wanting to kick my ass. Your reason should be Foghat. 'Nuff said. Now, Radio Mos... Read More

From the Vaults of I Rock Cleveland: "It Falls Apart" by The Odds

Technically, this one isn't from the vaults. That would indicate that I had a dusty jewel case of The Odds CD Bedbugs hiding somewhere in my apartment. Rather, this one comes to you through the magic of the internets. Even in the age of mp3 blogs, torrents, and rapishares, "It Falls Apart" proved itself to be a ridiculously difficult song to track down. I couldn't find a DRM free copy anywhere. I ended up getting a used copy o... Read More

Where to Rock It:: Friday, August 31st through Thursday, September 6th

Friday night is psych night at the Beachland. In the Ballroom, $.99 will get you in to see Sunburned Hand of the Man and Tusco Terror, and in the Tavern, Spectrum (feat. Peter Kember of Spacemen 3) and Emeralds are in the Tavern. The $10 for the tavern also covers entry to the Ballroom.---For those about to Rock, do I have a show for you Saturday night. The riffs will be relentless when Year Long Disaster, fronted by Daniel Davies... Read More

A Whole Mess of Reasons Why You Should Check Out Dolby Fuckers

1. Their self-titled debut release just came out on We Want Action and it is highly recommended by my brother blog, Columbus' Donewaiting. 2. They're playing at Pat's in the Flats tonight with not one, but two This Moment in Black History side projects: Buddy's Short Rabbits and Lawrence's National Suicide Day. 3. Yes, there's a Browns game on tv tonight, but it's only an exhibition, and you'll have plenty of chances to see ... Read More

The Return of British Sea Power

I picked this one up from The Tripwire: All those trans-Atlantic recording sessions have finally produced new tuneage from British Sea Power. A new five song ep will be out this October and a full length will follow shortly thereafter. They've also got some live dates lined up in the states around this fall's CMJ. British Sea Power - Remember Me [youtube] Read More

Vampire Weekend at The Beachland Tavern. 08.28.07

My first impression of Vampire Weekend: These dudes are young. Like, really young. They could stop shaving for the entirety of their tour and they'd still look like baby faced college kids.My second impression of Vampire Weekend: These dudes are good. Like, really, really good. It's like seeing The Police for $8, not $80, in a room that a room that holds a couple hundred and not 20,000. All of those other comparisons people mak... Read More