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A One Act One Scene Play Inspired By The Release Of The Most important Album Of October 10, 2007

Scene: A throng of disheveled, yet rather hip looking twenty-somethings have gathered in a city square. A mild mannered, Midwestern man emerges from the crowd and walks up to a small podium. He addresses the crowd.Mild Mannered Midwestern Man: Everyone knows why we're gathered here today. On this glorious 10th day of Octboer, a very important Rock 'N' Roll band by the name of Radiohead have released their very important album, In Rai... Read More

Cleveland’s Exit Stencil Records Announces CMJ Showcase at Union Pool

It's that time of year. NYC's annual musicfest/boozefest/smoozefest kicks off one week from today on Tuesday, October 16th, and Cleveland's Exit Stencil Recordings will be there. The Exit Stencil BBQ will take place 2:00 PM on Sunday, October 21st at Union Pool in Brooklyn and will feature Home and Garden, The Dreadful Yawns, Mystery of Two, and Blake Miller. BBQ is included in the price of admission, and both Veggie and Meatie op... Read More

Three for the Rockometer: Kevin Drew, Film School, The Cave Singers

Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin DrewSpirit If...Arts & Crafts2007What exactly distinguishes Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew from Broken Social Scene? My local record store had Spirit If... filed under Broken Social Scene. The fall tour is being billed as Broken Social Scene Plays Kevin Drew's Spirit If. When you look through the liner notes, you'll see many of the same contributors on this BSSP Kevin Drew disc as yo... Read More

Hot Off The Internets: New Tunes from The Dreadful Yawns, Expeccting Rain, and Nicholas Megalis

I had a curious conversation with The Dreaful Yawns guitarist Eric Schulte, after their show at the Parish Hall last month. They had just played a blazing set opening for Mystery of Two punctuated by some exquisite feedback freak outs. It was the best set I've heard from this new lineup of the Yawns yet. So, I asked an innocent question, "You guys been practicing much?" Surprisingly, his answer was no. They've been spending mu... Read More

Tracklist for Audio Eagle’s Inspirational Jock Jamz

Audio Eagle Records has announced the track list for their upcoming compilation, Inspirational Jock Jamz. As my friends at Donewaiting can attest, a mix of all the great sounds coming out of Ohio these days could easily span two or three discs, making the job of curating this mix no easy task.Inspirational Jock Jamz includes some of the biggest names in Ohio Rock (Robert Pollard with the Circus Devils and The Black Keys), tracks fro... Read More

Where to Rock It: Friday, October 5th to Thursday, October 10th

Like a lot of you, my Friday night plans include finding a bar, some beer, and the Indians vs Yankess baseball game after work. With the early start time, there's a good chance that I'll be fully boozed before rock o'clock. Depending on what side of town I'm on, what shape I'm in, and how the game goes, there may be still a chance to catch some rock. Friday night's options include: Beaten Awake, Battery Collection, and Good Morni... Read More

“Modern Drummer” by Ungdomskulen

Ungdomskulen. I can't pronounce it, I can barely describe it, but damn, if it doesn't sound amazing. On "Modern Drummer," this Norwegian trio covers jazz, dance punk, metal, scuzz, and fuzz, and all of this occurs during five and a half, wild minutes. Most impressive, is the fact that Ungdomskulen are able to avoid the most common pitfall for everything-but-the bands, namely, wankery. One would think that the words jazz and metal... Read More

Spanish Prisoners

Leo Maymind (Spanish Prisoners) is the son of Latvian immigrants who first came to this country when he was but a toddler, but like many other musicians who have come of age in Ohio, he has a second father, Robert Pollard. The Guided By Voices frontman isn't his father by birth, (although I do wonder what music would be like if Pollard was as a prolific father as a songwriter) rather, it's his DIY spirit, and embrace of warm, invi... Read More

Rare Video Footage: The Mice Live From Cleveland in 1988

I cannot believe what I found on Youtube. I was looking for old videos of Prisonshake, but when I found someone who shot live footage of Prisonshake some 18 years ago, I figured they had to have more goodness, and they did: 20+ minutes of footage from Cleveland power pop legends, The Mice, performing live on the campus of Case in 1988. It gets better. Their set included the unreleased tracks "American Pagan Girl" and "I Crossed the M... Read More

“Werewolf” by Bear in Heaven

I swear if I find out you took the time to download "Werewolf" by Bear in Heaven, and only listened to the first minute of this song, I will travel through the pipes and the internets and into your living room, bed room, place of employment, or wherever the pipes lead me, and personally lop off that digit that hit the skip button. Similarly, if I find you you made it through the ambient musings of the first minute and gave up befo... Read More