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"Dead Vine Blues" by The Grails

The Grails hail from Portland, Oregon. "Dead Vine Blues" sounds nothing like Portland. It's an instrumental track that hints at the Old West, but mixes in a considerable amount of Eastern mysticism. It would be like Jackie Chan in a Western movie, if Jackie Chan didn't do kung-fu, and instead of making jokes with Owen Wilson, he was on a journey of spiritual awakening. In other words, it's nothing like Shanghai Noon. MP3:The Gra... Read More

Radio Moscow

Radio Moscow Radio Moscow Alive 2007 Recommended for fans of big, bluesy guitars. Also recommended for fans of lava lamps, beaded curtains, and black light posters. Radio Moscow is a story that proves Rock 'N' Roll dreams can come true. This Ames, Iowa, duo, guitarist/drummer/vocalist Parker Griggs and bassist Luke McDuff, (now a trio with the addition of drummer Mayuko), came to the attention of The Black Keys' Dan Auerb... Read More

Cobra Verde, Sounder, Juniper Bends. Grog Shop 03.24.07

I'm always amazed by the record reviewers who are surprised by Cobra Verde's lack of pretension, and the manner in which they embrace feel-good Rock 'N' Roll. Did you check the bio? This is Cleveland. Haircuts don't get you too far in the scene these days. As if you needed any proof that pretension was checked at the door last night, they didn't take the stage with bottled water, instead, singer John Petkovic made sure that every... Read More

Ins, Outs, What Have Yous

The Black Diamonds are now a power trio after singer Chad VanGils took leave from the band. A new e.p. under a new name, The Suede Brothers, will be out in the coming months.From, British Sea Power are still recording their follow up to 2005's Open Season. I was under the (false) impression that we were getting close to a release date. The band are still shooting for an 07 release.Got a tip from Robert Duffy of Colum... Read More

Where To Rock It

News coming out of the Cobra Verde camp is that they've finished recording a new album, and mixing is well under way. Even better news for Cobra Verde fans, they're playing this Saturday night at The Grog Shop and will preview some of that new tuneage. The best news -- it's a free show. Sounder and Juniper Bends open.Cobra Verde - Every God From Himself (from 1999's Nightlife) [download]In case you need a reminder, Dr Dog relea... Read More

"Time Sick Son Of A Grizzly Bear" by The Mother Hips

If it's Thursday, then it's time for Rock 'N' Roll. The Mother Hips have been around the old rock block for a while, their first release, Back To The Grotto, came out in year 1 A.N.N. (After Nirvana Nevermind). Five Albums, one near break-up, and an e.p. later, The Mother Hips are returning with their first new album since 2001's The Green Hills Of Earth, with Kiss The Crystal Flake. I'm not going to bother trying to interpre... Read More

"Gimme Shelter" by Patti Smith

I've always wanted vH1 to produce Rock 'N' Roll Name That Tune. "Gimme Shelter?" I can name it in one note. That first elongated guitar note, that signal cutting through the smoke and fire, is all I need. Granted, "Gimme Shelter" wouldn't be the hardest number on Rock 'N' Roll Name That Tune, but it's not that opening guitar solo that makes it so memorable. This was the Rolling Stones at their most dangerous. Something killer ... Read More

Catching Up With Wild Sweet Orange and Beat Radio

Wild Sweet Orange have been featured on I Rock Cleveland a couple times over the past year. They're still from Birmingham, AL, they're still cranking out compelling tunes, and to the best of my knowledge, they're still unsigned and have yet to release a proper debut. Their latest number, "Land of No Return," popped up on myspace the other day. It came with a note that it was recently featured in an episode of Gray's Anatomy du... Read More

Crazy Talk

This is going to sound absurd...but I've been busy listening to music and not writing about it. Wild. I know. Living With The Living, by Ted Leo and The Pharmacists hit the streets the today, and I'd been dying to spend some quality time with Ted. So, tonight it's Ted. Read More

The I Rock Cleveland Arcade Fire Watch

The Arcade Fire Watch is over. 14 Days after first purchasing Neon Bible I finally made my way to the bitter end, and I stick by my initial reaction, which if you remember correctly, wasn't a very favorable one. I realize that my opinion may be in the minority, so I'm going to air my grievances, you can agree or disagree, and we will never talk about the Neon Bible again.These are my grievances:Bigger isn't always better. It's a l... Read More