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Man, you gotta love the Wiki. Take this quote on the page about The Vue that I found on Subpop: "The band is now known as Bellavista. Much controversy has surrounded the band since their reformation, including allegations of illicit drug use and promiscuity." Even though I'd like to think that sentence is steeped in sarcasm, it's really impossible to tell if the author was serious or not. To their credit, Wiki did note that "Ci... Read More

"Advice For Young Mothers To Be" by The Veils

Turns out that Nux Vomica, the title of The Veils long delayed US release may have something to do with vomiting Latin after all. From the press section on The Veils US label, World's Fair, I discovered that Nux Vomica is the scientific name for "The Poison Tree," an evergreen found in Southeast Asia. It can be used to make the poison strychnine, but it can also be used as a natural cure for stomach ailments. So, if I'm readi... Read More

Things I Learned That I Never Meant To Learn After Watching "Going Down To Liverpool" by The Bangels

1. "Going Down To Liverpool" was originally written by Kimberly Rew of Katrina And The Waves fame.2. Leonard Nimoy, prominently featured in this video as a taxi driver, is the uncle of Susanna Hoffs of The Bangels.3. The Bangels actually had more than one good song, the other being "Hazy Shade of Winter" from the Less Than Zero soundtrack. Read More

From The Vaults of I Rock Cleveland: “Shine” by The Doughboys

Sunny days call for the big hooks and soaring choruses of power pop. Unfortunately, we haven't had many of those sunny days of late. So, I'm taking a different approach. Instead of celebrating Spring with a big melody, we'll try to invoke the gods of pleasant weather to deliver spring to the shores of Lake Erie. Originally released in 1993, "Shine" is one of the finest pieces of power pop to come out of the genre's revival in t... Read More

Save Internet Radio

Did you notice the Save Net Radio ad in the top corner of I Rock Cleveland? Long story short, the CRB (Copyright Royalty Board) has put in place new roayalty rates for internet radio that will likely force your favorite streaming station out of business. A coalition of broadcasters and independent labels had attempted to appeal this decision. Yesterday, they were turned down. While I am in favor of artists and labels getting thei... Read More

"No Shame" by Two Cow Garage

I've never been one to bother with the whole "Artist of The Day","Best New Music", or "Highly Recommended" type things, but let's say for a second that I did, then this trio from Columbus, Ohio, Two Car Garage, who sound as if they were raised on Budweiser, The Replacements, and The American Quarter Horse Congress, would surely be my highly recommended best new artist of the day. "No Shame," is Two Car Garage's lament on hard wo... Read More

It’s Ladies Night At I Rock Cleveland

Jenny Owen Youngs has something like 31,000 friends on Myspace. That makes her roughly 1,500 more popular than yours truly. After listening to "F*ck Was I" quite a few times, she can add one more fan to her list. Yes, I'm a sucker for crass young ladies who drop f bombs. And before you accuse me of being another critic who's a sucker for attractive women who drop f bombs in their songs, I would still be a fan if it was titled s... Read More

“Get It On” by Grinderman

The opening cut on Grinderman's self-titled release, "Get It On," is a fierce representation of what you can expect from Nick Cave in this new slimmed down model of The Bad Seeds. Consider it their devolution - taking the music away from grand arrangements, back to its purest, most primal form with four men in a band plugging in and rocking out. There's one shard of guitar, in "Get It On," before Cave spits out like a madman: ... Read More

Where To Rock It

A few shows of note this coming week:WRUW's 40th birthday bash is this Saturday night at The Grog Shop. It's a free event and This Is Exploding are headlining. Also Saturday, Bears are having their cd release party with Southeast Engine and His Hideous Heart. It's worth noting, that if you're hip to The Tragically Hip, their show on Saturday at The House of Blues is sold out.The Moaners are doing the Northeast, OH two step, hittin... Read More

Brianstorm EP by The Arctic Monkeys

Arctic MonkeysBrianstorm2007Domino RecordsUK guitar bands have had quite a time with the sophomore slump of late. England's Futureheads and The Rakes, and Scotland's Franz Ferdinand all saw a steep decline in quality with their second release. Bloc Party fared a bit better with A Weekend In The City. Even so, the reviews on that one were a mixed bag at best. It's a very competitive scene -- make one slip and some up and comers ... Read More