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Brianstorm EP by The Arctic Monkeys

Arctic MonkeysBrianstorm2007Domino RecordsUK guitar bands have had quite a time with the sophomore slump of late. England's Futureheads and The Rakes, and Scotland's Franz Ferdinand all saw a steep decline in quality with their second release. Bloc Party fared a bit better with A Weekend In The City. Even so, the reviews on that one were a mixed bag at best. It's a very competitive scene -- make one slip and some up and comers ... Read More

Introducing The Suede Brothers

This past March, Cleveland's rocket fueled retro-rockers, The Black Diamonds, abruptly broke up the band and depending on your source, that break-up wasn't exactly a smooth one. The timing of this announcement was very curious as many local publications, including this one, had these boys tipped for a huge year in 2007. Fortunately, the day the news hit that The Black Diamonds had split, details emerged on a new band, The Suede B... Read More


I can't remember if I really remember Band-A-Minute, or if I just think I remember Band-A-Minute. Either way, I came across a reference to the old zine section from the 90's while I was reading a review for Archers of Loaf cd on eMusic. The Band-A-Minute review for Archers of Loaf was simply, "College Was Fun."I needed more, so I turned to my friend google. After a little bit of googling, I found a pretty good listing of Band-A-Min... Read More

“To The East” by Electrelane

Electralene give the warm and fuzzies. They're nothing like that band who gave me the warm and fuzzies yesterday. I understand this is a lot of warm and a lot of fuzzy for two days, but there's still way to much snow on the ground in Cleveland for April, and I'm desperate for anything that won't get my socks all soggy. "To The East" with its irresistable mix of vintage organs, sparse guitars, and vocal harmonies can take me anyw... Read More

Four For The Rockometer: Black Diamond Heavies, The Twilight Sad, Wolf and Cub, and The Rakes

Black Diamond HeaviesEvery Damn TimeAlive Records2007Man, Alive Records have quietly become the underground rock label. Starting with last year's releases from Buffalo Killers and The Trainwreck Riders, and continuing with their first three releases this year -- The Bloody Hollies, Radio Moscow, and Black Diamond Heavies, everything they've put out has been really, f'n solid.Unlike the more traditional blues duos of guitarists and d... Read More

Double Shot of Cleveland Rock with Coffinberry and The Very Knees

All you Rockers should mark down the date May 1st. Not only are new albums by Dinosaur, Jr and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club due out that Tuesday, but Coffinberry's latest, God Dam Dogs, is due out that day as well. You're going to be really surprised when you hear this one. It'll hold its own against those high profile releases, and it may even be better. I'm not sayin' this because Coffinberry are Cleveland Rockers and I'm a Clevel... Read More

Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame Turns Its Back On Cleveland (Again)

John Soeder from the Plain Dealer broke the news today that The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has canceled this year's CMJ/Cleveland due to the amount of work and resources it took to put on the yearly festival, as well as the additional burden to the hall's staff."Overall, we felt good about the program, but . . . the resources it took for us to produce it were larger than we could bear," said Todd Mesek, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame... Read More

"Fractured Skies" by Parts and Labor

Now that we're in the 21st century, I love watching all those old Sci-Fi movies where their future is our present. Cities were filled with jet packs, sky cars, and robots. Everyone dressed in way cool silver jumpsuits. Man, the 21st century looked so rad. Sadly, the reality is that culture and technology move a lot slower than Hollywood would lead you to believe. Sure there's been plenty of technological advances, but look out... Read More

Where To Rock It

This is one of those weeks where I could use three Bills. One to go to shows at the Grog, one to head to the Beachland, and a third to do my day job for me.I still haven't decided where I'm rocking it tomorrow. At The Beachland Ballroom, The Detroit Cobras are headlining a show with The Living Stereo, and we all know how I feel about The Detroit Cobras. While on the same night, Machine Go Boom are hosting a CD Release show at 10 P... Read More

The Detroit Cobras: Preview and Giveaway

Fun. Such a plain and simple word. Yet, it's the best word one can use to describe The Detroit Cobras. Their mix of garage, rock, and soul is pure and simple fun. You see, when I've got the Detroit Cobras on the Soundsystem, I can't help but get up, get down, shake, shimmy and boogie across the floor. True, this can lead to some embarrassing moments, like when I've gotta boogie through the office corridors, but I can guarantee t... Read More