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Ted Leo on AOL’s Interface

Awesomeness follows wherever Ted Leo and his guitar travel. Head over to AOL's Interface where troubadour Ted Leo, and his electric guitar do it Billy Bragg style on six songs: "Bleeding Powers," "Who Do You Love," "Bottle of Buckie," "Timorous Me," "Pigsville," and "Keep Pushing." Ted Leo Read More

Where To Rock It

I don't know how I neglected to mention this show last week: Times New Viking tonight at The Tower with Clockcleaners, Homo Stupids, and Sungod. Present The Paisley Reich, TNV's latest, is only the most righteous slab of lo-fi noise rock that I've heard in years.Now, let's say righteous noise rock isn't your thing. I'm not going to judge your taste (or lack thereof), but there's another fine show tonight going on at The Beachland: ... Read More

"The Lord Hates A Coward" by Future of the Left

Before you ask, yes I do believe Andrew Falkous says, "She's got a lot of pickled onions hanging from her thighs," in the first verse of "The Lord Hates a Coward." No I haven't a clue why someone would have pickled onions hanging from their thighs. It's gotta be a Welsh thing. Could it be a magic charm to bring more vowels into their language? Who knows? I do know rock and roll, and pickled onions or no pickled onions, Futur... Read More

And Now, Time For Something Completely Different: "Komad" by Alex Delivery

What would it sound like if Stephen Malkmus of Pavement had been raised on a steady diet of German techno? Or, what if Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes fell in love with vintage noise making machines and squawk boxes instead of old-time Americana? These are the types of questions that keep me awake at night. Alex Delivery may hold the answers. "Komad," the first single from the soon to be released Star Destroyer, begins like a pi... Read More

“Evil Son” by The WIllowz

Oh, sweet mother of rock, how you tease me with your "Evil Son." You tease me with a slight psychedelic melody and a string section. I'm nearly convinced that "Evil Son" is headed for a slow death, dehydrating in the middle of a hot western desert. Then it hits, and it rocks really, f'n hard: Two minutes of blazing guitar riffs, battering bass guitars, and thunderous drumming. Man, this is what rock and roll dreams are made ... Read More

The Return Of The Dreadful Yawns

A lot has happened to The Dreadful Yawns since their 2005 release on Bomp! Records. Most notably, singer/songwriter, Ben Gmetro, has found himself surrounded by an entirely new supporting cast. It took nearly two years to finish the Yawns latest offereing. When first recording Rest, Gmetro took a stripped down approach to his west coast psychedelic folk, but as time went on, and studios changed, Rest evolved into an album with a mu... Read More

Ins, Outs, What Have Yous

From The Tripwire, David Vandervelde is readying a new single for Secretly Canadian. The four song "Nothin' No" single will also include the version of "Feet of a Liar" from the Daytrotter Sessions, a new tune, "Cute Pretender," and one instrumental track. In other David Vandervelde news, his tour with Richard Swift has been extended throughout April and will include a stop at the Beachland Ballroom on April 23rd along with his Moo... Read More

Wilco Giveth, Taketh Away, and Wilco Giveth Some More

In case you missed it, and I did, Wilco held a late night listening party for their new album, Sky Blue Sky, on Saturday night. Messages for this semi-secret party were dropped on various message boards, and web sites during the day on Saturday. It turns out, that it isn't good enough to be connected to the internet for 23 hours a day. It's in that 24th hour when all the cool sh*t happens. I'm sure there's some enterprising young... Read More

Tall Firs

I spent quite a bit of time this past weekend going through my massive library of tunes, selecting cuts for the next episode of Michael Stanley Made Me Do It. One band that really caught my attention was Tall Firs, with their haunting psychedelic folk tune "Buddy/ Baby." It didn't really fit in with the rockin' vibe of the podcast I was putting together. The slow, brooding, and tortured soul thing couldn't hang with big riff roc... Read More

New Tunes From Hopewell

Hopewell have a new album set for release on Tee Pee some time this Spring. I hate being this vague, but the title, track listing, and release date have yet to be published. Now, if I was a bettin' man, I would wager that this new tune, "Afterglow," found inside the massive SXSW band listings, will find its way on that unnamed new album. MP3:Hopewell - Afterglow In related, but not as vague, news, Hopewell recently shot an e... Read More