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The Thermals, The Big Sleep, and The Very Knees. Beachland Ballroom. 03.01.07

Fun. That's one word I never thought I'd use to describe a concert by The Thermals. Their last release, 2006's, The Body, The Blood, and The Machine was a political punk rock concept album critiquing the increasing influence of religion in a nation founded on the separation of church and state. Yet, when The Thermals took the Beachland stage, there were greeted by a rowdy group of youngsters armed with silly string, glitter, toile... Read More

Where To Rock It

Friday, March 2nd to Thursday, March 8th.It's a big week for rock and roll in Cleveland. The Beachland Ballroom's anniversary weekend, which starts on Thursday with The Thermals, Big Sleep, and Very Knees in one room and The Charms, Boatzz, and Tall Pines in the other, continues Friday night with The Box Tops (feat. one Alex Chilton), and Mary Weiss (of the Shanrgri-La's) on Saturday night...Also in town Friday night, legendary UK p... Read More


Before we get to talkin' about Locksley, let's take a trip in the way back machine to the year 1994, and the movie Backbeat, a film that chronicled early period Beatles while they were in Germany. For the Backbeat soundtrack, an all star cast of musicians was assembled: Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Figthers), Dave Pirner (Soul Asylum), Greg Dulli (Afghan Whigs), Mike Mills (R.E.M), Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) and Don Fleming (Gumball)... Read More

Mary Weiss: Don’t Call It A Comeback

Don't call it a comeback. There has to be a better way to describe Mary Weiss' re-emergence on the music scene after being away for nearly 40 years. In the Sixties, Mary Weiss fronted the Shangri-La's, and as a teenager supplied that powerful, seductive, and captivating voice behind memorable numbers like "Remember...Walking In The Sand," "Leader of The Pack," and "Give Him a Great Big Kiss." Weiss was 18 when the Shangri-La's disb... Read More

American Roots Rock Block

If we're going to do a roots rock block, let's kick it off in style with "Westboro Baptist Church," by Portland, Oregon's I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House (Pictured Above). A word of warning, if you're particularly religious, or particularly Republican, you might be offended. If you're a left wing nut-job, have at it and have some fun. Though the band officially called it quits last fall, they're on the bill for this year... Read More

Riff-Tastic Rock and Roll From The Doctor Teeeth

The Doctor Teeeth are a band on a mission. They formed in 2003 in Kent, OH, and from day one they were set on that mission to make rock and roll fun, exciting, and relevant again. Their riff heavy Rock 'N' Roll, draws inspiration from legends like Sabbath as well as new school rockers like Queen of The Stone Age, and true to their rust belt roots, secondary attributes like image and fashion take a back seat to that good, honest r... Read More

Bang Gang remixed by Shout Out Out Out

The last time I spoke about Bang Gang, I made the unfortunate mistake of leaving the words "gang bang" in my post. I really didn't want to know how many people out there are looking for gang bangs on the internet. I felt dirty even being a part of such a thing. Anyways, back to the matter at hand, earlier today, I came across a remix of Bang Gang's single, "Find What You Get" by the Canadian electronic music explosion, Shout Out ... Read More

Ins, Outs, What Have Yous

Trent Reznor has struck again with another birzarro website and another track leaked from Year Zero. Head over to my blogging buddy, Culture Bully, to check out the latest, "In This Twilight."I finally got around two listening to the two new CSS tracks that were released from the BBC Sessions last week. Not only is "I Wanna Be Your J-Lo" an early favorite for title of the year, it's also a very rad rocker.I have a quick update from... Read More

From The Vaults of I Rock Cleveland: "Questioningly" by Jesse Malin

I didn't have to go too deep in the vaults to come up with today's selection. Jesse Malin's cover of the Ramones "Questioningly" dates back to an early solo e.p in 2001 and can also be found on a Swedish Ramones tribute album that was released the following year. Prior to embarking on his solo career, Malin was the lead singer of snotty NYC glam punks, D Generation during the Nineties. "Questioningly" was one of his earlier solo... Read More

Live B-Sides and Rarities by The Black Angels

I was asked the other day, "Why haven't you talked about The Black Angels in a while?" To which I replied, "Damn good point." Let's talk about The Black Angels. If you're from the Cleveland area, chances are you remember the night of November 18th. Earlier that day the Ohio State Buckeyes defeated the University of Michigan in a thriller, and Ohioans across the state had dreams of a national championship dancing in their hea... Read More