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Crazy Talk

This is going to sound absurd...but I've been busy listening to music and not writing about it. Wild. I know. Living With The Living, by Ted Leo and The Pharmacists hit the streets the today, and I'd been dying to spend some quality time with Ted. So, tonight it's Ted. Read More

The I Rock Cleveland Arcade Fire Watch

The Arcade Fire Watch is over. 14 Days after first purchasing Neon Bible I finally made my way to the bitter end, and I stick by my initial reaction, which if you remember correctly, wasn't a very favorable one. I realize that my opinion may be in the minority, so I'm going to air my grievances, you can agree or disagree, and we will never talk about the Neon Bible again.These are my grievances:Bigger isn't always better. It's a l... Read More

The Rock Block

Today's Rock Block doesn't have a catchy title, but it does have a theme -- extended jams. Each song in the rock block clocks in at the 6 minute mark or longer. First in the mix is The Soft Explosions from NYC. I came across their tune "Weapons of Love" on Dead Bess Volume 5. You can call it cock rock if you want. It isn't the best description for this 8 1/2 minute psychedelic/garage rock freak-out, but I imagine a weapon of... Read More

Chautauqua by The Willowz

The Willowz Chautauqua Dim Mak 2007 You can blame or thank bands like Wolfmother for this latest rock resurgence, either way, in the past year it's become all right to be a band and play straight up rock music again. I tend to thank them nightly while I offer up sacrifices to the rock gods, but that's just me. Chautaqua, the third disc from The Willowz, is Rock 'N' Roll free of slashes, dashes, and extra adjectives. It's not... Read More

Where To Rock It

Contrary to popular belief, not every band is down in Texas this weekend for SXSW. Sure, there's a whole helluva lot of music going on down there, but there are still ample opportunities to rock it in Cleveland this coming week.This Friday night The Black Diamonds, Mr Gnome, and Record Low rock the Beachland Ballroom while on the west side, another IRC favorite, The Dr Teeeth headline a free show at the Hi-Fi in Lakewood. You know ... Read More


I've got one quick announcement for today. I've recently started contributing to the local music coverage in the Cool Cleveland e-blast newsletter under my real name, "Bill Lipold" and not the nom de plume you've become accustomed to, "Bill Rocks Cleveland." The current issue features a fresh new review of The Black Diamonds debut disc in anticipation of their show Friday night....And one quick plug. If you live in the Cleveland a... Read More

"Polaroids" by Slaraffenland

Slaraffenland can be quite an intimidating band name to pronounce. My advice is to take it slowly, and break it down into syllables: Slar-af-fen-land. After a few tries, it'll roll off your tongue as easily as Parma. Slaraffenland (remember my tip) hail from Denmark and tread in the same sonic territory as Kid A era Radiohead, or Sigur Ros (if they sang in English or in any other intelligible language for that matter). Today'... Read More

Handsome Jack

A few things you should now about Handsome Jack: They're from Lockport, NY. Their influences are rock and roll. They sound like rock and roll. Do I have to say more? Well, do you remember how the Supersuckers used to thrash and trash their way through rock and the blues? Does your soundsystem shout out the rock revivalist sounds of Wolfmother, Priestess, The Buffalo Killers, or Vietnam? Answering no to the above questions,... Read More

Ins, Outs, What Have Yous

Jim from Vinyl Mine, tipped me on this great interview Times New Viking did with Stylus.And speaking of interviews, Pat Carney from the Black Keys, did a rather extensive one with Pitchfork. Perhaps the most interesting piece of news to come from this is that the Keys will be working with Ike Tuner and Dangermouse on a new project ?!?!?! I'm not one to use '?!' but, damn, Keys, Ike, and Dangermouse? That pretty much necessitates t... Read More

Celebrate My Least Favorite Day Of The Year With The Horrors

The Monday after Daylight Savings Day is my least favorite day of the year. I'm a total Grumpy Gus and I'm not apologizing for it. Any time the man takes away an hour of my precious sleep, I'm gonna be pissed. My alarm clock may have had the "right" time, but my bod knew the truth. I woke up an hour early for no reason. I look and I feel half dead -- just like these cats, The Horrors. The Horrors - Count In Fives [download mp4 ... Read More