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A Jam Packed Friday with Ty Segall, Nude Beach, Sloan, Lower Plenty, and The Afghan Whigs

Ty the Ripper is back. After a quiet end to 2013 with the downcast, and appropriately named solo album, Sleeper, garage-rock guitar hero, Ty Segall has returned to doing what he does best -- Ripping, shredding, going apeshit on guitar, giving zero fucks about being able to hear past the age of 40, sounding like Kurt Cobain stuck in San Francisco circa 1973, etc, exclamation point.
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Play Me: “The Lottery” by The Afghan Whigs

Believe it or not, it is possible to be in a rock band and be funky and do so without playing slap bass. Really, it is. "The Lottery," the ...
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Watch Me: “Algiers” by Afghan Whigs

Bob Odenkirk was right. Oh, we all had a good laugh when the news of a new album by rock vets, The Afghan Whigs, was first leaked by Odenkirk ...
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Is It Possible to Measure Greatness Through a Reunion Show? I Sure Hope So

Thursday night, I had shown up to the Dinosaur, Jr show at the Beachland Ballrom on Cleveland's east side, some two-and-a-half hours before J ...
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I Rock Cleveland vs The Afghan Whigs – The DJ Playlist

As always, a big thanks to the Beachland for hosting me in the Tavern during last nights Afghan Whigs show. I ended up spinning around three-and-...
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File Under Win Some, Lose Some: GBV Cancel ATP London Performance, Afghan Whigs Reunite for ATP

On the same day it was announced Greg Dulli would be reuniting his band The Afghan Whigs for shows at All Tomorrow's Parties in London and New ...
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