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The Rockometer: Typical System by Total Control

      Total Control Typical System Iron Lung Records   Considering Mikey Young's prominence in the Australian underground, it should come as no surprise that it took him and his band, Total Control, two years to record the follow-up to their 2011 debut, Total Control. One can think of Young as Melbourne's answer to Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, but without the glossy profiles, gold on the c...READ MORE

Play Me: “Expensive Dog” by Total Control

If you don't know Total Control by now, it's best you get knowing. With the forthcoming release of Typical System (6.24 on Iron Lung) Melbourne musicians Mikey Young (Eddy Current Suppression Ring) and Dan Stewart (UV Race) are poised to exceed the high standards set by their earlier work. There's so much going on in their latest track, "Expensive Dog," that one can spend hours pondering the genesis of this one, four-minute t...READ MORE

Play Me: “Flesh War” by Total Control

Once the side project of Eddy Current Suppression Ring's Mikey Young, Total Control is beginning to sound more and more like the primary outlet for the man who is seemingly everywhere all the time in the Australian underground as a musician and producer. It goes without saying, but the longer Eddy Current Suppression Ring stays on hold, the bands' various side projects, like Total Control and Boomgates, all take on added signific...READ MORE
9 Score

The Rockometer: Grassed Inn by Blank Realm

        Blank Realm Grassed Inn Fire Records Early press introduced Grassed Inn as Blank Realm's pop album. The band's label, Fire Records, goes as far as name-dropping Big Star and The Zombies. Yet, like the Brisbane outfit's psych rock album (2010's Deja What) and their punk rock and new wave album (2012's Go Easy), such simple designations should be taken with a grain of salt, if at all. Fo...READ MORE
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The Rockometer: Down on the Farm/Cosmic Psychos/Do the Hack by Cosmic Psychos

        Cosmic Pshychos Down on the Farm/Cosmic Psychos/Do the Hack Goner Records Never heard of Cosmic Pshychos? Were you born yesterday? It says right there on the Wikipedia that Cosmic Psychos were one of the Godfathers of Grunge, along with Screaming Trees, Melvins, Mudhoney, U-Men, Skin Yard, Soundgarden, Green River and Malfunkshun. Granted, until Goner Records reissued the fi...READ MORE

Play Me: “Falling Down the Stairs” by Blank Realm

By being true to their idols, but not imitating them, Blank Realm's 2012 Release, Get Easy, was a handbook on how to make a modern punk record. None of their methods were wholly original. One could easily pick out bits of The Buzzcocks, Television, Talking Heads, or Sonic Youth. There were moments of damaged and deranged new wave and '77 punk spliced with '80s New York City noise. Everything sounded vaguely familiar, yet striking...READ MORE

Play Me: “University Fiend” and “Better Next Time” by Bitch Perfect

Compared to their American contemporaries, the songwriters coming out of the Australian underground scene are all Nick Caves and Ernest Hemmingways. It's not just Bitch Pefect, who are being featured today, but acts like Dick Diver, Boomgates, Scott and Charlene's Wedding, and Eddy Current Suppression Ring all fill out their songs with such lush details and such clever descriptors that they make it appear as if all of our young A...READ MORE
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The Rockometer: Double Natural by Boomgates

                Boomgates Double Natural Bedroom Suck Records Supergroup may not seem like the best way to describe the Melbourne musicians who gathered to record under the name Boomgates. Brendan Huntley (Brenadan Suppression of Eddy Current Suppression Ring) and Steph Hughes (Dick Diver), two of the band's better known personalities from the Melbourne garage-r...READ MORE

Top Jam: “Pendulum Swing” by Blank Realm

Like others in Australia's underground rock scene, the Brisbane quartet, Blank Realm, take influences familiar to American audiences, but reassemble them in such a way they end up sounding fresh. At different points during my time with their latest release, Go Easy, I was reminded of Devo's offbeat melodies, The Slits polyrhythmic punk, or the early New York noise of Sonic Youth. Not once, however, did Blank Realm sound exactly l...READ MORE

Melbourne Would So Be The New Brooklyn, If Anyone Wanted a Such a Thing, So Let’s Call It The New Seattle Instead

Perhaps Brooklyn isn't the best comparison for what's going down in Melbourne these days. No one, to my knowledge, is putting out think pieces about how Melbourne is too damn expensive to attract a real creative class. Melbourne hipsters don't get the same ridicule as those in Brooklyn for the mysterious, carefree ways (old money) they're able to be in bands and eke out a living (old money) in a land of expensive rent. And, no on...READ MORE