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The Rockometer: Morning Phase by Beck

    Beck Morning Phase Capitol Records If summer movies have taught us anything, it's this: The sequel is never as good ...
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Jam Packed Thursday with Beck, Damon Albarn, and Mark McGuire

Morning Phase, Beck's soon-to-be released, 12th album (2.25 Capital Records), is being billed as the spiritual successor to his 2002 release, ...
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Beck Loses His Beckness, Becomes Part of The Animal Collective on New Single, “Defriended”

Dear Beck, One Animal Collective is enough Animal Collectives. Be Beck instead. Bill. "Defriended" will be available as a single, ...
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Ridiculous, Your Name is Beck and a 167-Piece Orchestra Shilling for Lincoln

Last night, upon seeing Beck's new car commercial composition, a cover of David Bowie's "Sound and Vision," for a new Lincoln campaign, I could ...
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