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Jam Packed Wednesday with Fucked Up, The Horrors, The Black Angels, and Archie Bronson Outfit

  Fucked Up's "Paper the House" is not your uncle's pop-punk anthem. For one thing, Fucked Up have always had better things to do than watch tv and rub one off, you know, like writing exceedingly long songs about the sex trade. And while, lead howler, Damian Abraham may question his life in a rock band through the lyrics, and rue the fact that it's driving him insane,  his yelp is as harsh as ever. Then, there's the matt...READ MORE

Play Me: “Evil Things” by The Black Angels

There's the back to basics single, and then there's the Black Angels' "Evil Things," the second track released from their forthcoming album, Indigo Meadow (4/2). Tone-wise, the low-end, head-crush of the opening guitar riff sends one immediately back to 2006's "Black Grease," one of the Austin-based, psychedelic rock band's earliest singles. While the guitar melody is neither a note for note copy nor an inverse of "Black Grease,"...READ MORE

Play Me: “Don’t Play With Guns” by The Black Angels

Originally written as a response to the Batman slayings in Aurora, Colorado, The Black Angels' new single, "Don't Play With Guns," isn't just heavy in terms of subject matter. The first track from Indigo Meadow (out April 2nd), finds the band ditching the poppier sounds of their most recent release for the dark, droning guitar sound of their 2006 debut, Passover. There's even a freak-out of an outtro at the 3:00 mark, another asp...READ MORE

For a Filthy Good Time: Iggy Pop and Zig Zags and Betty Davis and Zig Zags

Small Business Saturday, the independent retailers' plea for attention after Black Friday, fell on the same day as Bill hits the record stores Saturday this year, as it does pretty much every year. There were still some special Black Friday releases left over at My Mind's Eye Records in Lakewood, my second stop of the day, but those weren't the ones that caught my attention. Over at the 7" section, I scoped out and then picked up...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: “My Boat Is Sinking (Live)” by The Black Angels

Austin's Black Angels recently stopped by MTV for a live Hive session where they played three songs from their most recent LP, Phosphene Nightmare, and this cut, "My Boat is Sinking," from the limited edition, Record Store Day EP, Phosgene Nightmare. It's a track that lends itself well to the intimacy of a small studio space, as an easy drone, quiet guitars and a light tom beat are vocalist Alex Maas's only accompaniment. The ...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Phosphene Dream by The Black Angels

The Black Angels Phosphene Dream Blue Horizon Through their first two albums (Passover and Directions to See a Ghost) The Black Angels have always had that sound down.  It was a mix of experimental drone and blistering, bluesy guitars, buttressed by heavily thumping drums.  It was a sound that could be both mesmerizing and exhilarating, often in the same song.  Yet, as Directions to See a Ghost saw that sound spread over thre...READ MORE

From the IRCWHQ Newsdesk: Black Angels Slotted to Headline WRUW’s Studio-A-Rama

WRUW has done it again.  A year after bringing in the legendary post-punk band, Mission of Burma, to headline Studio-A-Rama they've snatched The Black Angels for 2010's show.  This free concert will take place on Saturday, September 11th on the campus of Case Western Reserve University, in the courtyard of the Mather Memorial Building.  Providing support for the Austin psychedelic rockers will be Fawn, Afternoon Naps, Sun God, Sel...READ MORE

“Telephone Blues” by The Black Angels

What's interesting about The Black Angels "Telephone Blues," the second song to be released from the Austin psych-rockers third album, isn't the fact they're singing about telephones in the age of Twitter, Facebook, and smart phones.  No, that's pretty much expected from this retro-rocking band who shows much love, and owes much of their sound to the work of the Velvet Underground.  Rather, it's the fact that they are able to g...READ MORE

Top Jam of the Week: “Bad Vibrations” by The Black Angels

While it's true, one track does not an album make, with the release of "Bad Vibrations," The Black Angels appear to have emerged from the thick haze of 2008's Directions to See a Ghost with a new found sense of focus.  Perhaps, it comes from working with producer, Dave Sardy, a man who has worked with Oasis, Wolfmother, and Black Mountain in the part.  Or, perhaps, they've cut their psychedelic in-take, and have instead opted for a...READ MORE

From the IRCWHQ Newsdesk: UNKLE Teams with The Black Angels for New Single, ATP NY Announces More Acts, C Notes Launches Lottery League Blog, and More

* While that new Black Angels album hasn't exactly been quick to reveal itself, the band have been keeping themselves busy. Just last week, a collaboration between the Austin psych rockers and UNKLE hit the internets. You can check out and download "Natural Selection," at UNKLE's website, here. * In related news, The Black Angels have been hand-picked by Jim Jarmusch to appear at ATP NY on September 5th.  The Brian Jonestown M...READ MORE