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A Jam Packed Wednesday With The Black Keys, Obnox, and OBN IIIs

  Now, this is a little better from Akron's favorite sons. While "Fever," the first track released from The Black Keys forthcoming album, Turn Blue (5.13 on Nonesuch), sounded like every track on El Camino, the duo's commercial breakthrough and artistic hole of an album from 2011, the title track finds the boys stretching out a bit. The evenly pulsed bass and deliberately struck keys have a modern R&B sound about them...READ MORE

Play Me: “Fever” by The Black Keys

At the risk of sounding like that guy who liked the popular band before they were popular, but doesn't care much for them now, I liked my Black Keys before they hit their arena rock phase on 2011's El Camino. That record lasted in my collection for a month, maybe two, at tops. The cheeky, '80s keyboard melody featured so prominently here, on their new single, "Fever," does nothing for me, either. Nor, I can I say I'm a fan of...READ MORE

News Jam Clevo: Dylan Baldi of Cloud Nothings Speaks to Spin, Bone Thugs Member Gets in the Medical Weed Biz, a Black Keys Contest to Benefit Ken Janssen, and More

Here are a few items of local flavor to get you through your Friday: * While in Austin for SXSW the Cloud Nothings' lead man, Dylan Baldi sat down for an interview with Spin to talk the band's future plans. You can watch it here. * Flesh 'N Bone, from the Cleveland hip-hop group, Bone Thugs 'N Harmony, has announced his own strain of medical marijuana. * During your next stop at Music Saves or This Way Out, be sure to enter ...READ MORE

Steven Hyden’s Must-Read Series for Grantland, A Winner’s History of Rock ‘N’ Roll, Concludes with a Profile of The Black Keys

If you're not a regular reader of the sports and pop culture web zine, Grantland, then perhaps you've missed Steven Hyden's must-read series, A Winner's History of Rock 'N' Roll. By avoiding the obvious reexaminations of influential bands like Nirvana, Fugazi, The Replacements, Black Flag and Husker Du, and instead focusing on less sexy picks like Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and Linkin Park, Hyden hoped to find greater insight into rock musi...READ MORE

News Jam: The Tale of the Two Black Flags Caps a Mad Week of Music

Following in the footsteps of such greats as Funkadelic and Man or Astro Man?, and not so greats like LA Guns, Great White, Asia and Queensryche, two versions of the seminal punk and hardcore band Black Flag will tour this summer. Black Flag made their announcement first with Ron Reyes, Greg Ginn and Robo announcing plans to play the Heavy Fest in England. Not to be outdone, other former Black Flag members, Keith Morrris and Chuck Du...READ MORE

News Jam Clevo: Black Keys To Begin Work on New Album and Announce Tour, Emeralds Down a Man, The Return of Lottery League and More

Northeast, Ohio ex-pats, The Black Keys are staying busy. According to reports, the duo will begin work on their next album later this month.  Later, in April and May, the band will pair up with The Flaming Lips for a short run of tour dates, including an April 30th gig in Pittsburgh...Sticking with the ex-pat crowd, the Cleveland-born, instrumental rock band, Emeralds, now find themselves down a man as founding member, Mark McGuire...READ MORE

News Jam: Black Keys Settle Lawsuits Against Home Dept and Pizza Hut, A Winter Release Update, and Cloud Nothings to Headline a NYE Bash in CLE

Akron-bred, blues rock duo, The Black Keys have settled their lawsuits against Pizza Hut and Home Depot over illegal use of their songs "Gold in the Ceiling" and "Lonely Boy" in commercials. Terms were not disclosed...Did you ever wonder how so many similar sounding songs end up in commercials in the first place? Are corporations really that evil that they won't pay to legally use a song? Yes and no. This past summer, On the Media re...READ MORE

Six Pack of Jams: Neurosis, Black Keys feat. RZA, King Dude, Jeff the Brotherhood, Times New Viking and Gap Dream

Or, if I didn't have a day job we would have already been jamming these jams, so I'm gonna keep things brief. Last Friday, Noisey premiered "We All Rage in Gold," the lead track from Neurosis' forthcoming Honor Found in Decay. It's grungy, dirty, heavy as all hell, and if possible, has me even more stoked for October 30th. Remember that time when the internet was aflame with rumors the Black Keys had a second Blakroc rec...READ MORE

Black Keys Pre-Release Frenzy Takes Over Your Internet, Television, Real World Life

Did you know Akron's most famous Rock 'N' Rollers, The Black Keys, have a new record scheduled to come out next Tuesday, December 6th?  Have you been alive?  In the past week, Dan Auerbach, Pat Carney and their people have been busy making sure that every living person with a passing interest in music is well aware that El Camino is on its way.   As of 11:30 AM, Wednesday, November 30th, 2011, the Black Keys pre-release press...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: “Lonely Boy” by The Black Keys

From the credit where it's due department, and maybe the stating the obvious department, too, Akron ex-pats The Black Keys sure do know how to promote their jams. The lead up to their new album, El Camino, due out December 6th on Nonesuch Records, started with a contest to win a beat-down minivan, complete with a fake commercial starring comedian, Bob Odenkirk. Now, just as the first single, "Lonely Boy," is about to hit the ai...READ MORE