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A Jam Packed Wednesday with Herzog, Bob Mould, Zig Zags, and Shabazz Palaces

The buzzsaw pop of Herzog has long been a favorite of locals in the Cleveland rock scene, and now, it seems as if others are beginning to ...
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Top Jam: “Hey Mr. Grey” by Bob Mould

Those who managed to catch Bob Mould during his 2013 tour where his set list spanned his career from early Husker Du songs, on to his '90s ...
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Riot Fest Sunday: Not the Replacements

I'm sorry, Bob. I'm sorry, Laura Jane Grace. I'm sorry, Rocket From the Crypt. I don't know your names, but your matching mariachi outfits were ...
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The Rockometer: Silver Age by Bob Mould

Bob Mould Silver Age Merge Records Inspired by the recording sessions which produced both the 1992 album Copper Blue and the 1993 EP, Beaster ...
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Play Me: “The Descent” by Bob Mould

As promised, Bob Mould's first offering from his upcoming release, The Silver Age (9/4 on Merge Records), finds him back in the same buzzsaw pop ...
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"The Silence Between Us" by Bob Mould

In his less than complimentary track review of Bob Mould's "The Silence Between Us" for Paper This Walls, Ron Hart wrote, "If this track came ...
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