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Jam Packed Thursday with Boris, Pharmakon and King Dude

  Now, this is more like it. Ever since Boris' 2008, Smile, the Japanese hard-rock trio have been trying, sometimes successfully, often times not so much so, to streamline they're genre-defying sound. The low point had to be the collaborative album with the Cult's Ian Astbury. Half-baked doesn't come close. 2011's double release of Heavy Rocks and Attention Please wasn't as displeasing, until you realize the band ended up...READ MORE
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Play Me: “Painting on a Corpse” by Ensemble Pearl

Before hearing a note by Ensemble Pearl, the new collaboration by Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley, Atsuo (Boris), Michio Kurihara (Ghost/Boris), and William Herzog (Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter), I already had a good idea of what to expect -- Slow, as in turtle in molasses slow tempos and suffocating drones. It's what O'Malley does. As "Painting on a Corpse" shows, I was only half right. The first track released from their...READ MORE

News of The Rock ‘N’ Roll Kind: That New My Bloody Valentine Record Probably Ain’t Happenin’, But a New Cleveland Rock Compilation Is Definitely Coming Out

A recap of recent music news because I'm a maker, damnit, and I don't have time to read and re-tweet every piece of music news during the week. And I suspect, you're a maker, too, and similarly, don't have time for every, tweet, like and piece, either. Borrowing a line from a friend of mine, get ready for Chinese Democracy, Too. Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine assures us the long-awaited follow-up to his band's 1991 masterp...READ MORE

“Flare” by Boris

I want to believe. I want to believe that Boris' third album of 2011 isn't two albums too many. Pitchfork gave "Spoon," the first track released from New Album (Yes, that's what the Japanese hard rockers are calling this new album), their best new music tag. But, I'd be hard pressed to believe anyone will bestow such honors on "Flare." Rolling Stone calls it frenetic. Frenetic, of course, is another way of saying a song has no di...READ MORE

A Fistful of Jams feat. Mr Gnome, Weekend, Still Corners, Boris, and Chelsea Wolfe

During the month of September I wrote what I believe to be an I Rock Cleveland record eleven record reviews.  October started with a road trip to ATP and super cold.  I'm still dealing with super cold (I haven't spent a full day at work since last Wednesday).  In between a number of jams fell through the cracks.  This is the second of two posts showcasing some of the finer jams that have yet to be featured here on I Rock Cle...READ MORE

“Riot Sugar” by Boris

During their long career, the Japanese heavy band, Boris, have taken on doom, drone, metal, blues, and psych and rocked them all.  For their last release, the band took on the Cult's Ian Astbury.  It didn't exactly rock.  With Astbury singing about demons and witches and other standard heavy fare, they at times, came off as a parody of themselves.  Now, while Astbury is still here, singing back-up vocals on "Riot Sugar," the ...READ MORE

Records Bought and Records Rocked: Winter Wonderland Edition

Records Bought:  Blur - On Your Own (Single); Boris - Pink; Boris with Michio - Rainbow; Catherine Wheel - Happy Days;  Cluster - Sowiesoso (Reissue); Elvis Costello - My Aim is True; Elvis Costello - This Year's Model; The Dirtbombs - Party Store; Disappears - Guider;  Brian Eno - Apollo;  PJ Harvey - Let England Shake; Wanda Jackson - Thunder on the Mountain (Single); Jesu - Conqueror; The Jesus and Mary Chain - I Love Rock N R...READ MORE

“Hope” by Boris

With the recent news that all-powerful, Japanese rockers Boris are set to release not one, but two albums on April 26th, I found myself face to face with my worst fear.  No, not an airplane full of clowns, but an artist I admire setting themselves up for the double album release, double big fail.  It's not just that Boris have decided to release two albums on the same day that gives me pause.  It's also the fact they've stated...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Boris with Ian Astbury by BXI

BXI Boris with Ian Astbury Southern Lord The funny thing about this collaboration between the mightily respected, Japanese hard rock band, Boris and The Cult's Ias Astbury, is for years many have contended (Myself included) that the only obstacle keeping Boris from totally dominating American Rock 'N' Roll is the fact their English is mainly limited to phrases like "Rock 'N' Roll," "Metal," and "F*ck Yeah."  Put a real vocalist...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: "H.M.A. (Heavy Metal Addict)" by Boris

Never let it be said that Japanese heavy music maestros, Boris, don't like to have fun. Granted, the 60 minute drones in their catalog bear the hallmark of a serious band who make serious music, but to see them live, is to see a group who are genuinely enthusiastic about melting your face with big riffs. On their last tour, especially, they were all smiles, Takeshi, striking poses as he blasted that double neck guitar, and Atsuo dr...READ MORE
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