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"Waving Flags" by British Sea Power

British Sea Power's soon to be released third album comes with a simple question on its cover, "Do You Like Rock Music?" Does the pope sh*t in ...
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Atom Dancing to Atom

Check out this little dude go wild to the British Sea Power's "Atom." I could go into how the little dude's like an electron and the oriental rug ...
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"Atom" by British Sea Power

Some may consider the British Sea Power's Yan, your typical bullshit artist. I prefer the term genius. On the title of his bands latest EP, he ...
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The Return of British Sea Power

I picked this one up from The Tripwire: All those trans-Atlantic recording sessions have finally produced new tuneage from British Sea Power. A ...
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Ins, Outs, What Have Yous

The Black Diamonds are now a power trio after singer Chad VanGils took leave from the band. A new e.p. under a new name, The Suede Brothers, will ...
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