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Moving Pictures: “Windshield Wipers” by The Black Swans

"Windshield Wipers," the first single off of The Black Swans forthcoming Misra Release, Don't Blame the Stars has this nice old-timey Wilco feel to it, like something Jeff Tweedy would have written back in his boozier and bluesier days on an album like A.M. or Being There. Jerry DeCicca's voice, while filled with sadness and regret, still retains a nice, deep smoothness to it. While the wandering violin melody adds the country ...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Dancer Equired by Times New Viking

Times New Viking Dancer Equired Merge Records Underneath all the scuzz, fuzz, and lo-fi hiss, Columbus, Ohio's Times New Viking have always been a pop band at heart.  Songs like "Natural Resources, I've Got Mine," "Teenage Lust," "Drop-Out," and "My Head," may have been obscured on record, but when these numbers  came out live, with much truer fidelity, they really popped.  With Dancer Equired, the trio's first release for Me...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: “I Hate the Beach (Live Version)” by Psychedelic Horseshit

You are on notice, Panda Bear and Animal Collective, Neon Indian, Com Truise, Ducktails, Small Black and all the rest of you Chillwavers.  Columbus' Psychedelic Horseshit have heard your loopy, homespun electronics and your sunshiny, cutesy, easy-livin' fantasies, and are none too pleased.  Any day now I expect to an interview like this one, the one where Matt Horseshit tore into pretty much every lo-fi band getting press, to d...READ MORE

“Ever Falling In Love” by Times New Viking

With "Ever Falling In Love," the second preview track from Times New Viking's Dancer Equared, it's quickly becoming clear that along with a move to Merge Records, the Columbus trio have made additional, even more substantial moves -- Towards pop and better fidelity.  No one will mistake "Ever Falling in Love," for something shiny, well-produced, and radio-ready, but for those familiar with the band's back-catalog, the change is stri...READ MORE

“French Countryside” by Psychedelic Horseshit

When Columbus, Ohio's Psychedelic Horseshit first came to prominence (Or infamy, or depending on your point of view) with Magic Flowers Droned in 2007, they wrecked and recreated lo-fi music in such a rebellious manner, they inadvertently created the new genre in the process. The critics called it shitgaze. Now, four years later, Matt Horseshit and company have their deconstructive sights set on a new target, the warbly and psy...READ MORE

“No Room to Live” by Times New Viking

Recent internet chatter seems to indicate that Columbus' Times New Viking have a new album on the way and that album won't be for their current label, Matador Records.  While there's been no definitive word yet, there is this story from Donewaiting and their source World of Wumme.  Then, during some between song banter at the Guided by Voices classic line-up tour stop in LA, where TNV were serving as the opening act, Robert Pollard...READ MORE

From the IRCWHQ Newsdesk: Sweet Apple Profiled in the Plain Dealer, TNV Recording

* In a piece entitled, For Sweet Apple, the road to indie-rock stardom began with a long drive to nowhere, John Soeder, of the Plain Dealer, interviews John Petkovic, also of the Plain Dealer (the Paper), Cobra Verde, and Sweet Apple.  And while the story of how Petkovic hooked up with Dinosaur, Jr frontman, J Mascis, is one you've probably heard before, the story of why Petkovic will be sporting a fresh cast Friday night at the Gr...READ MORE

Mount Carmel Kick Out the Jams for WFMU

Columbus, longhair-rockers, and personally, one of my new favorite new acts to emerge this year, Mount Carmel recently stopped by the studios of WFMU to drop a heavy, and I mean heavy, set of throwback, blues-rock.  Included in the five song set, available both for streaming and download, are two non-album tracks "Swagg's and Elliott," and "Slow Blues."  This one's a must for fans of old power trios like Cream and the Jimi Hendrix ...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel S/T Siltbreeze Listening Columbus, Ohio's Mount Carmel is a bit like living in an alternate universe where glam, prog, punk, disco, new-wave, post-punk, metal and grunge never happened, and the best Rock 'N' Roll ever produced was still made by those hard and heavy power trios of the late '60s and early '70s.  Writing for Still Single, Doug Mosurock likens this debut to the initial offering from another band of t...READ MORE

Top Jam of the Week: “Celebrity Down” by Dolby F*ckers

Hey you! Yes you, the one with all that extra cash stashed in old boxes of Cap'N Crunch. How about sending some of that money the Dolby Fuckers' way. Not out of pity, mind you, but to make a music video. You remember those, right? Granted, music videos don't hold the sway they used to, but check out this track, "Celebrity Down," and tell me the video doesn't shoot itself. They've already recorded the song for you, an upbeat, bl...READ MORE