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And Now For Something Completely Different: “Celebrate the Body Electric (It Came From an Angel)” by Ponytail

While listening to the latest release by Baltimore's Ecstatic Sunshine, I couldn't escape the feeling that something was missing. Instead of ...
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“Modern Drummer” by Ungdomskulen

Ungdomskulen. I can't pronounce it, I can barely describe it, but damn, if it doesn't sound amazing. On "Modern Drummer," this Norwegian trio ...
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“Werewolf” by Bear in Heaven

I swear if I find out you took the time to download "Werewolf" by Bear in Heaven, and only listened to the first minute of this song, I will ...
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"Get Off" by Dragons of Zynth

Just as I'm about to write off The Aughts as an underwhelming, decade devoid of its own ideas, and just as I've gotten used to the fact that ...
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"Crimewave" by Health

"Crimewave," the latest single by Los Angeles noise punks, Health, is a bit of a misnomer. It's not a full on crime wave as much as it is a smash ...
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And Now For Something Completely Different: Bang Camaro and Their Dude Chorus

Where do I start with this one? I could start with retro rock or pop metal revivalists, but that doesn't come close to telling the whole story. ...
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More Dead Bodies

It's been a couple months since I last mentioned the Dead Bodies, and as we inch closer to the release date for Mr Spookehouse's Pink House, I ...
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And Now, Time For Something Completely Different: "Komad" by Alex Delivery

What would it sound like if Stephen Malkmus of Pavement had been raised on a steady diet of German techno? Or, what if Conor Oberst of Bright ...
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