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Friday at the 2013 Pitchfork Music Festival

The best part about Friday, besides Mikal Cronin's shredding and Daughn Gibson's honky-tonk stomp, of course, was that I didn't here one peep out of Joanna Newsom and that goddamn harp of hers. She was so quiet, even if you were on the main field Friday night, you couldn't make out anything coming from the Red Stage unless you were right up there. Her sound did not carry at all. My voice was louder. More people heard me talk about ...READ MORE

2013 Pitchfork Music Festival: Daughn Gibson

Midway through his early Friday set at the 2013 Pitchfork Music Festival, Daughn Gibson shared some of that country charm of his with the old colloquialism, "It's hotter than a two-peckered billy goat." Yep, the man was right. As Gibson and his band took the stage late Friday afternoon, the temperature was still pushing the high '90s at Union Park in Chicago. Oh, it wasn't a dry heat, one of those heats people who like heat say i...READ MORE

Jam Packed Wednesday with Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Daughn Gibson, Dirty Beaches and Lace Curtain

First off, there's no Scott and there's no Charlene in Scott and Charlene's Wedding. It's just NYC via Melbourne, Australia songwriter Craig Dermody. Also of note, Dermody is a slacker in the Malkmus tradition. On the surface it seems he ain't even tryin' -- One can hear the chuckle of a man unprepared for the tape at the start of "Fakin' NYC," the guitars are conspicuously out of tune, and Dermody isn't particularly concerned wi...READ MORE

Play Me: “The Sound of Law” by Daughn Gibson

How could one not be impressed with All Hell, the 2012 debut record by Daughn Gibson? With an unlikely combination of downtempo-electro, hip-hop, country and western, and trucker music, the man practically invented a genre all his own. And as if the vision wasn't impressive enough, there was the voice -- A strong and foreboding baritone which recalled the legendary man in black, himself. "The Sound of Law," is the first taste ...READ MORE

A Statement of Purpose and 25 (Mostly) Rock Records You Need to Hear from 2012

I am Dave Grohl. I am Jack White. Prod me, pour a few beers in me and I'll tell you the problem with pop and the problem with electronic music with even less grace than either of these men. Garage rock is better. Pop music does lack substance. I'll make popists' fingers fly and cry foul as they label me rockist, sexist and racist in 140 characters or less. None, of the accusations would be true, except, maybe the rockist one. Poli...READ MORE

The Rockometer: All Hell by Daughn Gibson

Daughn Gibson All Hell White Denim Daughn Gibson's bio is nearly as unbelievable as his music. In introducing their recent signing, Sub Pop Records described him as a long-hauler who picked up his DIY ways from time spent in punk and metal bands. But, that golden baritone? Where did it come from? Surely, not from screaming at hard-core shows. And what about this fascination with classic country and western? There's got to be mor...READ MORE