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New Jam City: Hear New Jams by Deafheaven, Destruction Unit, My Disco, Blank Realm, and Deerhunter

Deafheaven's "Brought to the Water," isn't a total reinvention of modern heavy into some overwrought philosophical work, like that of that other heavy-as-holy-hell, but totally not a black metal band, Liturgy. Rather, it's a refinement of the visceral thrills which made Deafheaven's debut so compelling.
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The Rockometer: Monomania by Deerhunter

                Deerhunter Monomania 4AD Monomania Deerhunter's fifth ...
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Top Jam: “Monomania” by Deerhunter

  While revisiting some of the press upon the announcement of Deerhunter's forthcoming album Monomania (May 7th on 4AD), I encountered ...
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2011 Pitchfork Music Festival Day 3: Deerhunter

At a concert hall or a rock club, Bradford Cox and Deerhunter can mesmerize.  Their wandering tones waver in the air, slyly mixing and merging ...
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The Rockometer: Halcyon Digest by Deerhunter

Deerhunter Halcyon Digest 4AD/Beggars Group Like most of Bradford Cox's output, Deerhunter's Halcyon Digesst, is part sonic experiment set to ...
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Deerhunter and Times New Viking Live @ The Grog Shop Cleveland. 11.14.08

I'd be hard pressed to name an artist as genuine, as good natured, and as caring as Deerhunter's Bradford Cox. Before his band's set at the Grog ...
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The Rockometer feat. Deerhunter, Aiden Baker and Tim Hecker, Wilderness, Secret Machines, Crystal Stilts, and Religious Knives

DeerhunterMicrocastleKrankyTo some, Deerhunter will forever be linked with the Great Blog Wars of 2006-07, a time when smaller outlets battled with ...
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Deerhunter: P4K Broke the Band, Then They Really Broke the Band

Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the Deerhunter news. This past week saw the publication of a pretty sweet pissing match between Bradford ...
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