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Ranked: Live Videos of Diarrhea Planet’s “Ghost With a Boner” from Excellent to Rad to Bitchin’

What makes Diarrhea Planet's "Ghost With a Boner" the ultimate Rock 'N' Roll part song? Um, have you tried to sing the words "Ghost with a ...
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8 Score

The Rockometer: I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams by Diarrhea Planet

                Diarrhea Planet I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams Infin...
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Who Likes Rock Records? A Certifiable Shit-Ton Of 8.20 Rock Releases Has Hit The Internet

There is, quite literally, a shit-ton of new rock releases from 8.20 streaming over the internet at this very moment. The new Ty Segall record on ...
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Play Me: “Kids” by Diarrhea Planet

Why have one guitarist and multi-track all your takes when your band could have four guitarists? It's a valid question to ask, when debating ...
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Do Not Think About Diarrhea Planet, Listen to Diarrhea Planet

Diarrhea Planet is a horrible name. Horrible. Try to look up one of their videos on YouTube and YouTube's secret algorithm may suggest you want to ...
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