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An All-Star Jam Packed Tuesday with New Pornographers, Spoon, J Mascis, Mastodon, and Death Grips

  By now, you should be able to tell when an artist is talking out of his arse in a gamely attempt to get music journos to type any old shit. AC Newman of the New Pornographers, tell us about your new album:"This is a celebration record. After periods of difficulty, I am at a place where nothing in my life is dragging me down and the music reflects that. We wanted Xanadu and we wanted Sigue Sigue Sputnik, which translated...READ MORE

Nelsonville Music Festival 2014 In Pictures, In Words

2014 Nelsonville Music Festival - Images by Mara Robinson   Editor's Note: While I wasn't able to make this year's Nelsonville Music Festival, my good friend and damn fine photographer, Mara Robinson was there with her husband Jason Robinson. This is the report they filed, in pictures and words.     This year marked the tenth year anniversary of the Nelsonville Music Festival, and our return to the...READ MORE
GBV @ Riot Fest Chicago 2013

Riot Fest Saturday: Dinosaur, Jr, Guided by Voices, and FLAG

Coming into Riot Fest Chicago, I had planted all of these clever alternate festival names in my mind, like Who Let the Olds Out, Moms-And-Dads-in-Bands-a-Palooza, and The Bands That Time Forgot. But my favorite was, Our Band Could Have Been Your Life, LIKE 20 YEARS AGO, a play on Michael Azzerad's quintessential retelling of the early days of indie rock in the 1980s, Our Band Could Be Your Life.  My itinerary for my two days in ...READ MORE

Is It Possible to Measure Greatness Through a Reunion Show? I Sure Hope So

Thursday night, I had shown up to the Dinosaur, Jr show at the Beachland Ballrom on Cleveland's east side, some two-and-a-half hours before J Mascis, Lou Barlow, and Murph would even think of taking the stage. Facebook said the show would be close to a sell-out.  I didn't want to miss out. I strode to Music Saves, my favorite record store on the street and ran into a friend of mine, Tim, who was also unnecessarily prompt. After a...READ MORE

Live: Dinosaur, Jr @ The Beachland Ballroom 10.24.12

If Shearwater was supposed to be the folksier, quieter band on the Dinosaur, Jr bill on Tuesday night at the Beachland, then the fact that they were loud enough to literally make your balls shake was not a good sign for those who wanted to avoid things like permanent hearing loss. Had Dinosaur, Jr's J Mascis hijacked the sound board and pushed every slider to the very top? I wouldn't put it past him. Behind that calm demeanor of his,...READ MORE

The Rockometer: I Bet On Sky by Dinosaur, Jr

Dinosaur, Jr I Bet on Sky Jagjaguwar My 1996 self has a hard time believing that in the year 2012 the original lineup of Dinosaur, Jr is still releasing relevant music. 1996 self points out that 1994's Dinosaur, Jr album, Without a Sound was basically J Mascis in control-freak mode and was one single ("I Feel the Pain") and filler. 1996 self gave up on Dinosaur, Jr after that album. Of course, 1996 self would rather see the Jon ...READ MORE

Play Me: “Watch the Corners” by Dinosaur, Jr

To judge by the first few seconds of "Watch the Corners," the first track released from Dinosaur, Jr's 10th studio album, I Bet on Sky, one might get the impression that J. Mascic, Lou Barlow and Murph are about to launch into "Sludgefeast Pt 2." Not quite. The aggression hinted at during the song's opening seconds, and its flattened, open chords, transitions smoothly to a familiar, yet, less urgent tempo, allowing Mascis' trade...READ MORE

The Rockometer: S/T by Heavy Blanket

Heavy Blanket Heavy Blanket Outer Battery Records Maybe you were listening to an old Dinosaur, Jr jam like "Sludgefeast," "The Wagon," or "Out There" and you thought to yourself, "Man, J Mascis is the greatest shredder ever. What if he put out an album of just guitar solos?"  Well, with Heavy Blanket, you get that album of all J Mascis all the time, plus a little bass and drums. And yes, it is some magnificent shredding, and yo...READ MORE

Play Me: Dr Marten’s Blues by Heavy Blanket

Heavy Blanket is Dinosaur Jr.'s J Mascis along with Pete Cougar and Johnny Pancake. I'm going to go on the record and say that Mr. Cougar and Mr. Pancake are operating under assumed names. Heavy Blanket is also what you get when J Mascis dispenses with all of those things in songs that get in the way of the mighty guitar riff. Things, like, oh, melody and structure and words and a chorus. But, damn, does that man shred his way thr...READ MORE

From the IRCWHQ Newsdesk: Dinosaur, Jr’s J. Mascis and Members of Cobra Verde Team Up for Sweet Apple

As the story goes, Cobra Verde's 2008 release, Haven't Slept a Year, took its title from the period during which Cobra Verde's lead singer, John Petkovic, suffered through insomnia while dealing with a dying mother. And as the story continues, that Cobra Verde album wasn't the only work which came to fruitiion during that difficult time in Petkovic's life. After his mother's death, Petkovic headed east, to New England, and met up wit...READ MORE