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A Jam Packed Wednesday with JEFF the Brotherhood, Disappears, A Place to Bury Strangers, Dirty Dishes, and Twerps

That picture up there, the one of the new JEFF the Brotherhood album, Wasted on the Dream, is reason number one why you should be worried about ...
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Jam Packed Thursday Featuring Superchunk, Obliterations, Disappears, and Mogwai

Today is Halloween and do you know what that means? Indie rock Misfits covers. Whether it's Ted Leo, Evan Dando, or Superchunk, I never tire of ...
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8 Score

The Rockometer: Era by Disappears

                    Disappears Era Kranky Since their ...
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Top Jam: “Ultra” by Disappears

This song is evil, and not just any evil, mind you. We're talking serial killer stalking a pretty young white girl on a deserted city block, ...
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Jam Packed Tuesday feat. Suuns, Primal Scream, Disappears, Eluvium and Barn Owl

While I can't necessarily recommend the video -- There's more flash than a red carpet and enough pulsating black and white to make your eyes ...
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The Rockometer: Pre-Language by Disappears

Disappears Pre-Language Kranky Even if we are to consider Disappears' 2011 release, Guider to be their krautrock album (And really, when the ...
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“Replicate” by Disappears

The addition of Steve Shelley to the line-up of Chicago psych-rock/kraut-rock band, Disappears, pays immediate dividends on "Replicate," the lead ...
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“Superstition” by Disappears

If you listened to Disappears 2010, debut full length, Lux, you already know this is a band who has a sound and sticks to it. They play repetiti...
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