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Playlist: I Rock Cleveland Does the Beachland Brunch

Relive yesterday's Beachland Brunch (without the Eggs Beachland) with this playlist. I'd like to say it was a coincidence that the early set included anti-religion songs (PIL), vulgar songs (Nick Cave) and heroin songs (Lou Reed and Primal Scream). But I can't. I was in a subversive mood and the music followed. 1. Spacemen 3 - Hey Man 2. Public Image LTD - Religion I/Religion II 3. Primal Scream - Trainspotting 4. John Cale - H...READ MORE

I Rock Cleveland vs The Beachland Brunch 2.23.14: The Playlist

The eggs were fresh, and served over biscuits with a portabello mushroom gravy. The bloody mary's had just the right spice, and with enough vegetable garnish to make for a well-rounded meal. There were rock records, too. It's always a joy when the Beachland invites me over to DJ brunch. And while I wasn't able to save any eggs or booze, I can share yesterday's playlist with you... 1. Galaxie 500 - Listen Snow is Falling2 2. Spiri...READ MORE

I Rock Cleveland vs The Hold Steady: The DJ Playlist

As always, a big thank you to the Beachland for hosting me in the Tavern during last night's sold out Hold Steady show. The DJ set went a little like this, with more volume and more beer, of course... 1. OBN IIIS - No Way to Rock 'N' Roll 2. Prisonshake - 2 Sisters 3. Puling Hiss - Lolita 4. Rolling Stones - Midnight Rambler 5. Detroit Cobras - Hey Sailor 6. White Stripes - Stop Breakin' Down 7. Oblivians - What's the Ma...READ MORE

I Rock Cleveland @ The Beachland Brunch 10.13.13: The Playlist

1. Sonic Youth - The Diamond Sea 2. Kurt Vile - Waking on a Pretty Day 3. Mary Lou Lord - Speeding Motorcycle It was at this point I went from dj to turntable repair technician. The right turntable skipped on every record I tried to play. With a playlist queued to play on my phone, I adjusted the counterweight, the anti-skip, and the platform height. I switched out needles. None of my adjustments made a damn bit of difference. ...READ MORE

Clap Your Hands Say Stars: I Rock Cleveland DJ’s The Beachland (a Playlist)

Last night I dj'd the Beachland Tavern, before, between, and after Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Stars. It went something like this: 1. Supersuckers - Dead Homies 2. Constantines - Arizona 3. Daugh Gibson - Kissin' on the Blacktop 4. Lou Reed - Sweet Jane (Live) 5. Iggy Pop and Zig Zags - If I'm in Luck I Might Get Picked Up 6. Purling Hiss - Lolita 7. Black Keys and RZA - Baddest Man Alive 8. !!! - Me and Giuliani Down by t...READ MORE

I Rock Cleveland Does the Beachland Brunch: A DJ Playlist

Thanks all for coming out. Thank you to the Beachland for having me and my record collection over for brunch. Thank you for stopping over and saying hi and watching me let a 45 start up at 33 (Dave P). Thank you for not being the one person who complained it was too loud during the first hour when I was playing quiet songs at quiet volumes. You are an old person I do not like. Everyone else was totally cool. 1. Spacemen 3 - He...READ MORE

DJ Playlist: I Rock Cleveland @ The Beachland Brunch

Thank you to the Beachland and brunch staff. You're always a pleasurable bunch to be around on a Sunday morning. And, thank you to all of those who stopped by and said hello during during my time behind the turntables. To the man at the bar, I'm sorry I didn't have any James Brown or Elvis or Pink Floyd or Kiss or Ace Frehley or another of those other bands you asked for as I pretended to listen to your other suggestions. As I tried ...READ MORE

DJ William Eleven @ The B-Side 11.18.2012: The Playlist

Thanks to the totally cool people at the B-Side Lounge for having me last night.  Sure, we both would have liked a few more bodies in the room last night, but any night with good music, good people, and good brews is a fine night by me. DJ William Eleven @ The B-Side 11.18.2012 (Spotify Link) 1. Total Control - Scene From a Marriage 2. Ty Segall - Thank God for the Sinners 3. Television - See No Evil 4. Sleater-Kinney - You...READ MORE

I Rock Cleveland Does the B-Side on November 18th

I am stoked, no, beyond stoked, to be taking the I Rock Cleveland DJ experience to the B-Side Lounge on Sunday, November 18th. Although Sunday nights are billed as indie rock dance parties, I was told I can just do my thing and throw down garage rock, punk rock, indie rock and whatever else rock I have on hand, but with one warning: At some point during the night someone will ask for something to dance to. To which I replied, "Yo...READ MORE

Beachland Brunch: The Playlist 10.21.12

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of DJ-ing the Beachland's Sunday Brunch. It went something like this: I Rock Cleveland Does the Beachland Brunch (Spotify Link) 1. Spacemen 3 - Ecstasy Symphony 2. Spacemen 3 - Transparent Radiation 3. Flaming Lips with Erykah Badu - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 4. TV on the Radio - Will Do 5. David Bowie - Sound and Vision 6. Stone Roses - I Wanna be Adored 7. Father John Misty - Nanc...READ MORE
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