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Play Me: “Heretic’s Hymn” by Double Dagger

Baltimore's Double Dagger always straddled that line between art-punk and workingman's punk rock. No where is this more evident than on ...
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“Pillow Talk” by Double Dagger

How many times have you read in the past five years that the future is in singles and EP's and that the LP is dead?  How many times have you ...
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Moving Pictures: "Vivre Sans Temps Mort" by Double Dagger

Not that I'm trying to spoil the ending of this clip, but...all that work, spent meticulously assembling model cars, for what? A grand accident ...
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The Rockometer feat. Sunn O))), The Horrors, British Sea Power, and Many, Many More

Who knew being unemployed and having loads of free time could be such an impediment to writing? Many of these reviews were scheduled to be ...
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Top Jam of the Week: “The Lie/The Truth” by Double Dagger

When you listen to "The Lie/The Truth" by the Baltimore trio Double Dagger, you may be forced to do a double take. Is this the long rumored 14th ...
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Double Dagger

I'm finding it harder and harder to complain about the lack of "Rock" in indie rock these days. Parts and Labor dropped a massive album last ...
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