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Play Me: “Flesh War” by Total Control

Once the side project of Eddy Current Suppression Ring's Mikey Young, Total Control is beginning to sound more and more like the primary outlet for the man who is seemingly everywhere all the time in the Australian underground as a musician and producer. It goes without saying, but the longer Eddy Current Suppression Ring stays on hold, the bands' various side projects, like Total Control and Boomgates, all take on added signific...READ MORE
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The Rockometer: The Future’s Void by EMA

    EMA The Future's Void Matador Records Beginning with her previous band, Gowns, the songs of EMA's Erika Anderson have always been deeply personal, often painful. Anderson, as they say, is an open book and within those pages Anderson freely shared tales of drugs and betrayal, anxiety and depression, and yes, the occasional triumph, too. The Future's Void, Anderson's first album for Matador Records, mark...READ MORE

Play Me: “The Satellites” By Eno and Hyde

No stranger to the collaborative album, electronic music pioneer Brian Eno has teamed with another titan, Underworld's Karl Hyde, for his latest release, Someday World (5.6 on Warp Records). First single, "The Satellites," combines the more propulsive, dance-floor ready work of Hyde, with Eno's ambient instincts, and the result may surprise. When the vocal melody arrives the track sounds more like a modern Roxy Music remix than e...READ MORE

A Jam Packed Tuesday with Cloud Nothings, The Horrors, EMA, Jessica Lea Mayfield and Kevin Drew

The leaner, meaner Cloud Nothings continue to get both leaner and meaner on "Psychic Trauma," the second preview track from their forthcoming release, Here and Nowhere Else (4.1 on Carpark/Mom+Pop). Hell, once they get going on this one, they're practically rocking at hardcore speed. The Horrors may not be a name band in the states, like they are in the UK, but that isn't about to stop them from sticking to their strengths...READ MORE

Jam Packed Thursday with Beck, Damon Albarn, and Mark McGuire

Morning Phase, Beck's soon-to-be released, 12th album (2.25 Capital Records), is being billed as the spiritual successor to his 2002 release, the deeply personal and surprisingly low-key, Sea Change. When you press play on "Blue Moon," you'll immediately see why. Like much of Sea Change, "Blue Moon," only adds careful and cautious embellishments to Beck's brand of loner folk. Damon Albarn of Blur and later Gorillaz will b...READ MORE

Play Me: “The Instinct” by Mark McGuire

They say timing is everything in the music business. Well, timing is everything in a lot of other businesses, too, but in the music business, especially, there's a window and if you as an artist don't take advantage of your one chance you all but guarantee yourself a career of obscurity. The demise of the well-respected, Cleveland instrumental trio, Emeralds, couldn't have been timed any worse. Just as the larger public were c...READ MORE

Play Me: “Stacking Spheres” and “Profile of Woman in Silk Hood” by Trouble Books

The Akron ambient/electronic music duo Trouble Books are two of the most unassuming musicians in Northeast, Ohio. Personally, I've seen the husband-and-wife duo of Keith Freund and Linda Lejsovka perform sitting on the sidewalk in front of a record store, sitting on the floor of a gallery, and more or less, appearing out of nowhere in a sparsely populated barroom on an actual stage. Think about it. It's kinda hard to be invisible...READ MORE

Play Me: “Love Is Not Allowed” by Gap Dream

One sheets are for writers who have nothing to say. That's what I've always said. Yet, something struck me about Gabe Fulvimar's personal account on the making of his new album, Shine Your Light (11/26 on Burger Records). I've heard the musical growth it speaks of, from someone who seemed to have stumbled upon a good groove in his bedroom studio, like Stephen Malkmus standing in front of a table of synthesizers, to a fuller, m...READ MORE
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The Rockometer: Reflektor by Arcade Fire

        Arcade Fire Reflektor Merge Records If you were to ask for my opinion on Arcade Fire as recently as two months ago, you would have gotten a reply like, "A bunch of self-important assholes whose clumsy and bloated anthems make U2 sound subtle by comparison. " Yes, I'm proud of that line. It makes me sound like one of those bitter old critics who's only impressed by his own wit. My st...READ MORE

Jam Packed Thursday Featuring Superchunk, Obliterations, Disappears, and Mogwai

Today is Halloween and do you know what that means? Indie rock Misfits covers. Whether it's Ted Leo, Evan Dando, or Superchunk, I never tire of indie rock Misfits covers. This year's indie rock Misfits cover is a special one, too. Superchunk's take on "Children in Heat," while largely done by the books, servers a larger purpose. It's also the introduction to Merge Records' 25th Anniversary singles club called, Or Thousands of Pri...READ MORE