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The Rockometer: The Future’s Void by EMA

    EMA The Future's Void Matador Records Beginning with her previous band, Gowns, the songs of EMA's Erika Anderson have always been deeply personal, often painful. Anderson, as they say, is an open book and within those pages Anderson freely shared tales of drugs and betrayal, anxiety and depression, and yes, the occasional triumph, too. The Future's Void, Anderson's first album for Matador Records, mark...READ MORE
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The Rockometer: S/T by Ruined Fortune

    Ruined Fortune Ruined Fortune Hozac Records For the past five-plus years, Australian rock music has been on an incredible upswing. It began with Melbourne's Eddy Current Suppression Ring, who released three well-received albums of post-punk, garage rock and trash on Goner Records. From the Eddy Current Suppression Ring sprang side-projects, like the more rustic rock band, Boomgates and the synth punk of T...READ MORE

A Jam Packed Wednesday with EMA, Mogwai, The War on Drugs and Guided by Voices

As a fan, someone who's been following Erika Anderson's career back to the days when she was a member of Gowns,  I couldn't be happier with the recent news of EMA signing on to Matador Records for the release her new album, The Future's Void, in early 2014. I had a chance to meet Anderson before a Gowns' show at Pat's in the Flats, during the time that band was winding down, and I was immediately struck by both her kindness and ...READ MORE
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The Rockometer: Jimmy Bell’s Still in Town by 15-60-75 (Numbers Band)

        15-60-75 (Numbers Band) Jimmy Bell's Still in Town Exit Stencil   Keep Austin Weird. Keep Portland Weird. Keep Cleveland Weird. Every city worth its salt want to be weird these days. It's how you attract the young 'uns to live in the city's core. However, as weird as you think Cleveland is these days with its large tracts of post-industrial brown fields, a thriving thievin...READ MORE

Play Me: “The Instinct” by Mark McGuire

They say timing is everything in the music business. Well, timing is everything in a lot of other businesses, too, but in the music business, especially, there's a window and if you as an artist don't take advantage of your one chance you all but guarantee yourself a career of obscurity. The demise of the well-respected, Cleveland instrumental trio, Emeralds, couldn't have been timed any worse. Just as the larger public were c...READ MORE
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The Rockometer: Factory Floor by Factory Floor

                Factory Floor Factory Floor DFA Records The time between first buzz and first full-length album was excruciatingly long (somewhere between two and three years depending on your side of The Atlantic) for those of us who had the opportunity to see those early,  explosive performances first hand. An electronic dance band on paper, the London trio a...READ MORE
9 Score

The Rockometer: An Object by No Age

                    No Age An Object Sub Pop In the span of six years, between the time No Age burst onto the scene with Weirdo Rippers, a collection of lo-fi shredders and ambient soundscapes, the duo of Randy Randall (guitars) and Dean Sprunt (vocals/drums) have gone from being a band of the moment to one out of step with the rest of the world....READ MORE

Friday Jam Pack with Jesu, Death Grips and The Dirtbombs

So that thing where Justin K Broadrick of Jesu was going to compartmentalize his creative output lasted, oh, let's say two years. At one point Broadrick had planned to keep Jesu as the home for his guitar-driven work while Pale Sketcher would house his compositions which were more electronic in nature. Now, according to The Quietus, the new Jesu album, I Get Closer to the Light From Which I Came (9.23 Avalanche) will include aspects ...READ MORE
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The Rockometer: m b v by My Bloody Valentine

                My Bloody Valentine m b v I heard the jokes, too. On Saturday, February 2nd, the night Kevin Shields and My Bloody Valentine finally got around to releasing their forever delayed follow-up to their 1991 breakthrough album, Loveless, Twitter was buzzing with a mix of frustration and excitement from a fanbase growing increasingly impatient with an...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Centipede Hz by Animal Collective

Animal Collective Centipede Hz Domino One of my fondest Animal Collective memories comes not from the band, itself, but from Fucked Up's burly and gregarious frontman, Damian Abraham, who complemented the crowd at the 2009 Pitchfork Music Festival during his band's set by saying, "You guys are a 9.9. You’re much better than that Animal Collective record which sounded like fish." Others, were quick to point out, he probably ...READ MORE