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The Rockometer: Factory Floor by Factory Floor

                Factory Floor Factory Floor DFA Records The time between ...
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Jam Pack Tuesday with Windhand, Factory Floor, His Electro Blue Voice, and PJ Harvey

Located squarely between '90s grunge (the first wave, the good stuff) and modern doom metal, "Woodbine," by Richmond, Virginia longhairs, ...
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Play Me: “Fall Back” by Factory Floor

For the past year, London's Factory Floor has been a buzz band without any audible buzz. There was a 12" single on DFA Records in late 2011 and ...
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Moving Pictures: Two Different Ways by Factory Floor

Are Factory Floor a rock band with the groove of a dance act or an electronic act with a nose for noise? Are they goth or post-punk or trance? ...
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From the Rocker’s Notebook: Eight Hours of Oneida, A Dancing Space Monkey and More During The Second Day of All Tomorrow’s Parties

* For some, let's call them the nerdiest music nerds at a festival catered to music nerds, the eight hour Oneida jamathon at Asbury Lanes was ...
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