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The Rockometer: Burn Your Fire For No Witness by Angel Olsen

    Angel Olsen Burn Your Fire For No Witness Jagjaguwar Angel Olsen could always sing. Hers was a devastating voice, both quaint and soulful, charming in a folksy kind of way. She opened her mouth, and out of this unassuming woman came the legendary sounds of someone like Linda Rondstadt. Angel Olsen didn't always have the music to back up her voice. Earlier releases were penned and performed by Olsen o...READ MORE
8 Score

The Rockometer: Calendar Days by Dick Diver

                Dick Diver Calendar Days Chapter Music Listening to the album Calendar Days by the Melbourne quartet, Dick Diver, is like eavesdropping on conversation between two close friends at a cafe as the pair go over life's curious demands. During its course, they cover both the big issues, dreams and aspirations, regrets and failures, and the little th...READ MORE
7 Score

The Rockometer: Paper Moon by Georgiana Starlington

                Georgiana Starlington Paper Moon Hozac Records One can file Georgiana Starlington's Paper Moon along side other low-key folk albums by Mazzy Star, The Dutchess and The Duke, or Mark Lanegan and Isobel Campbell. One can also file Paper Moon under pleasant surprise. Nothing in the recorded history of the brother-sister duo, Jack and Julie Hines,...READ MORE
8 Score

The Rockometer: Double Natural by Boomgates

                Boomgates Double Natural Bedroom Suck Records Supergroup may not seem like the best way to describe the Melbourne musicians who gathered to record under the name Boomgates. Brendan Huntley (Brenadan Suppression of Eddy Current Suppression Ring) and Steph Hughes (Dick Diver), two of the band's better known personalities from the Melbourne garage-r...READ MORE

The Rockometer: All Hell by Daughn Gibson

Daughn Gibson All Hell White Denim Daughn Gibson's bio is nearly as unbelievable as his music. In introducing their recent signing, Sub Pop Records described him as a long-hauler who picked up his DIY ways from time spent in punk and metal bands. But, that golden baritone? Where did it come from? Surely, not from screaming at hard-core shows. And what about this fascination with classic country and western? There's got to be mor...READ MORE

Double Depravity Double Feature: New Videos from Father John Misty and Spiritualized

Let's say we start this week off right. And by right, I mean S&M, drag queens, booze, nudity and ultra violence. First, we have "Nancy From Now On," the second single by one-time Fleet Foxes member, J Tillman, and his new outfit Father John Misty. And normally, I love nothing more than to slag indie-folk bands for their quaint aesthetics, but when a folkie delivers a knockout opening line like this one: "Poor me another dri...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” by Father John Misty

It's not that there's anything inherently wrong with soft rock indie rock. It's just that there's so much of it and so much of it gets such grand praise when it's all really, kinda boring. That's all. That's why soft rock has been my mortal enemy for my listening lifetime. Consequently, one may expect me to pan the new solo music from Fleet Foxes' one time drummer, J Tillman, and his new outfit Father John Misty. And as mu...READ MORE

“Whithering Soul” by Bill Fox

Cleveland singer-songwriter Bill Fox is a bit of a legend around these parts.  Initially known as the frontman for the power-pop band The Mice in the mid '80s, Fox would later make a name for himself on the strength of his two stripped down, acoustic albums for SpinArt Records (Shelter from the Smoke in '97 and Transit Byzantium in '98).  His reputation would only grow when he was the subject of a feature article by Joe Hagen in th...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Slave Ambient by The War On Drugs

The War on Drugs Slave Ambient Secretly Canadian The roots of Slave Ambient, the new album by Philadelphia musician, Adam Granduciel, and his band, The War on Drugs, can be traced back to Bob Dylan and classic albums like Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and Grandaddy's Sophtware Slump.  If album reviews were based on references alone, then Granduciel's Slave Ambient would be a ten out of ten, end of story. The roots of Slave Am...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: “I Love my Label” by Wilco

When Nick Lowe originally penned the track, "I Love my Label," it was a showing of gratitude to Stiff Records, the small English label with a wicked sense of humor, that proved influential in launching the career's Lowe, Ian Drury, Wreckless Eric and Elvis Costello amongst others. The song takes on a different, somewhat confusing meaning with Wilco covering this track, singing about their own label, dBPM Records. So, Jeff Tweed...READ MORE