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Fujiya and Miyagi

“Sixteen Shades of Black and Blue” by Fujiya and Miyagi

Like Hot Chip's "The Warning," Fujiya and Miyagi's latest single, "Sixteen Shades of Black and Blue," juxtaposes male bravado with minimal techno ...
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The Rockometer feat. Grails, Jay Reatard, Crystal Antlers, and Fujiya and Miyagi

GrailsDoomsdayer's HolidayTemporary ResidenceWhen considered in tandem, the songs "Reincarnation Blues," and "Predestination Blues" from Grails' ...
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Fujiya and Miyagi Vid for "Photocopier"

Well, let's see what we have here. We have a new single from Fujiya and Miyagi, "Photocopier," paired with a white dude (Charles) who's a really ...
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