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The Rockometer: Fuzz by Fuzz

                Fuzz Fuzz In the Red Fuzz is the band teenagers and young twenty-somethings dream about when they strap on their first guitars, the kind of band with all of the heaviness and all of the foresight of the first rockers to take the blues to a darker, more menacing place. Then, those teenagers and twenty-somethings realize they don't have the talent ...READ MORE

Play Me: “What’s In My Head” by Fuzz

It's not that I dislike the quiet and introspective Ty Segall as heard on his latest solo release. Rather, I find it all too pedestrian when compared to the sweet racket he'd been making with the Ty Segall Band, Fuzz, and even his earlier solo work. Fuzz - What's In My Head Fuzz - What's In My Head That's better. Isn't it? We've got loud. We've got stomp. We've got Fuzz. Record collectors, this note's for you: The p...READ MORE

Play Me: “Loose Sutres” by Fuzz

Surprise! While we're all waiting to hear more than 15 seconds from the new Ty Segall album, Sleeper, due out on Drag City later this summer (8.20), a track from the other Ty Segall album coming out in 2013 (10.1 on In the Red), an album by his heavy-psych trio, Fuzz, has emerged. If you've heard either of the previous two Fuzz singles, then you already have a good idea of what will happen once you click on "Loose Sutres" belo...READ MORE
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The Rockometer: Out of View by The History of Apple Pie

                The History of Apple Pie Out of View Marshall Teller Records The English band of fuzz-popsters, know awkwardly as The History of Apple Pie, share a love of '90s power pop singles with compatriots Yuck. Members from both bands even have a side-project, Parakeet. The History of Apple Pie also have influential admirers, like guitarist, Joshua Third,...READ MORE

It’s a Sub Pop Sludge Feast: New Jams by Mudhoney and Pissed Jeans

  Grunge OGs, Mudhoney have never gone away. They've been slinging sludge for Sub Pop Records since the very beginning of grunge. And if one were to ask, let's say, Thurston Moore, or Yo La Tengo, perhaps that's why they don't get the same adulation as the '90s bands who left the spotlight for a decade or more only to return for a reunion tour. "The Only Son of the Widow of Nain," is not going to result in a new era of Mud...READ MORE

Play Me: “This Time I Got a Reason” by Fuzz (Ty Segall and Charlie Moothart)

Internet culture is a failure. While everyone was busy making lists and photo galleries and then clicking on everyone else's lists and photo galleries, a small Chicago punk label called Trouble in Mind records released a 7" by this new band called Fuzz shortly before the Christmas holiday. Being a small punk label, they cheekily introduced their new signing as a group of unknowns who had approached them with an unsolicited email....READ MORE

Twofer Wednesday: The History of Apple Pie and Parakeet

Excuse me while I play old. You see, back in the day, it was easy to judge a band by its name. For example, there was the geography rule. Any band named after a common city, state, country, or geographic location universally sucked. Kansas sucked. Asia sucked. Boston, Chicago, and Europe all sucked. Recently, I've found the awkward spelling and mangled punctuation rule a good one, too. tUnE-yArDs is the best example of this rule i...READ MORE