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The Rockometer: Endless Now by Male Bonding

Male Bonding Endless Now Sub Pop Now that Male Bonding have ditched that lo-fi style of their first album, we can finally see what this young ...
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“Easy” by Pure X

Pure X's "Easy" lazes in a dream-like haze of effects-laden guitar and maximum echo vocals, transforming what could easily be a slowly strummed ...
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“Hope” by Boris

With the recent news that all-powerful, Japanese rockers Boris are set to release not one, but two albums on April 26th, I found myself face to ...
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“Paul Blart and the Death of Art” by Herzog

For those familiar with the output of Cleveland musician, Nick Tolar, in Expecting Rain, the work of his new band Herzog,  may arrive as a bit ...
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Moving Pictures: "Tell the World" by Vivian Girls

In his review for Dusted Magazine, Michael Crumsho sums up my feelings about Vivian Girls rather tidily,Really, then, it’s hard to imagine how ...
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"Pinkies" by The Big Sleep

When I'm an old dude and my hearing's completely gone, one of the band's I'll be cursing will be The Big Sleep. They won't be the only band to ...
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"Careen" by The Diggs

I was stoked to see a new track by The Diggs pop up in my inbox last night, and that was before I even took a listen. Their 2005 album, Commute, ...
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"Souvenirs D’un Autre Monde" by Alcest

Meet my latest obsession: Alcest, the work of French black metal multi-instrumentalist Stephane Pout (also known as Neige). I know what you're ...
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