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A Jam Packed Wednesday With The Black Keys, Obnox, and OBN IIIs

  Now, this is a little better from Akron's favorite sons. While "Fever," the first track released from The Black Keys forthcoming album, Turn Blue (5.13 on Nonesuch), sounded like every track on El Camino, the duo's commercial breakthrough and artistic hole of an album from 2011, the title track finds the boys stretching out a bit. The evenly pulsed bass and deliberately struck keys have a modern R&B sound about them...READ MORE
11 Score

The Rockometer: Louder Space by Obnox

    Obnox Louder Space 12XU A great man once said, "To be the man, you have to beat the man." The saying not only holds true in professional wrestling, the arena in which Ric Flair first spoke those immortal words, but also in Rock 'N' Roll music. Lamont "Bim" Thomas can get away with trash talking his peers because he's been around long enough in bands like The Bassholes, Puffy Areolas, and This Moment in...READ MORE
OBN IIIs Third Time For Harm Album Cover

Top Jam: “Not Time for the Blues” by the OBN IIIs

Are you still smarting from the limp effort at a single The Black Keys released yesterday? This track by the OBN IIIs, "No Time for the Blues," is for you. If the Black Keys are the sound of a garage rock band with their rock motor on cruise control, content to roll out new takes on their back catalog for the sakeaof having a new song or two on their next arena stop, then "No Time for the Blues" is the sound of a scrappy, gara...READ MORE
5 Score

The Rockometer: Musical Garden by People’s Temple

    People's Temple Musical Garden Hozac Records Taken a song at a time, Musical Garden, the third album by Michigan garage rock revivalists, People's Temple, is the sound of a band fulfilling the promise of their much buzzed about 2011 debut, Sons of Stone. However, around these parts, we revere the album around and hold certain things as absolute truth. As in the album will always be the arbiter of greatnes...READ MORE

Jam Packed Thursday with Ex-Cult, The Skull Defekts, Spiritualized and Thee Oh Sees

This is Ex-Cult and this is rock 'n' roll, dirty and sweaty and unsexy, Rock 'N' Roll. It was birthed and perfected in the trenches of punk rock dives with like minds Ty Segall and the OBN IIIs. Unlike those acts, however, Ex-Cult, are not wholly tied to the '60s and '70s. Listening to "Midnight Passenger," one not only hears standard strains of garage and punk, a given, from the company Ex-Cult keep, but also the gutter rock of ...READ MORE
9 Score

The Rockometer: Costa Blanca by The Limiñanas

        The Limiñanas Costa Blanca Trouble in Mind Sexy, cool, and kitschy are the first three words to come to mind when describing Costa Blanca, The Limiñanas' latest release of garage, lounge pop, and psychedelic rock for Chicago's Trouble in Mind Records. Sexy and cool are a given. From their understated arrangements to their sly vocals sung in both French and English, The French duo ...READ MORE

A Jam Packed Wednesday with Jeffrey Novak, Mordecai, The Gories, and Purling Hiss

Cheap Time's Jeffrey Novak is a pop songwriter with the snarl of a grizzled punk and weirdo's collection of curiosities. On "Pictures on a Screen," all sides of Novak come to the forefront -- A simple pop song at its core, it's delivered with a cynic's bite and backed by both the standard garage rock trio of guitar, bass, and drums and the not so common sounds of flute and accordion. My ears hear accordion, whether that button bo...READ MORE
8 Score

The Rockometer: Fuzz by Fuzz

                Fuzz Fuzz In the Red Fuzz is the band teenagers and young twenty-somethings dream about when they strap on their first guitars, the kind of band with all of the heaviness and all of the foresight of the first rockers to take the blues to a darker, more menacing place. Then, those teenagers and twenty-somethings realize they don't have the talent ...READ MORE

Play Me: “My Black Sabbath” by the Limiñanas

By being retro but not played out and danceable but not dumb, The Limiñanas, with their mix of French new wave and Velvets-educated psychedelic rock, have scratched an itch few new existed before the French duo began releasing records on Chicago underground garage labels Hozac and Trouble in Mind. "My Bloody Sabbath," both picks up where their 2012 Hozac release, Crystal Anis, left off and expands on the duo's repertoire. The m...READ MORE

Play Me: “Gitar Damage Pt 1″ by Purling Hiss

Don't laugh. It could happen someday. You could be at the bar between bands chatting about Philly Rock 'N' Roll and you could drop names like Kurt Vile and Purling Hiss, and to prove you're the real deal, Birds of Maya and Spacin', too. Then, just as your giving yourself the virtual pat on the back for being a virtual smart phone, you hear, "Purling Hiss are ok, I guess, but they early stuff was way better." "Gitar Damage Pt 1...READ MORE