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“Nowheres Nigh” by Parts & Labor

During my 2+ years running I Rock Cleveland, I've learned to separate Bill the music fan from Bill the blogger/critic. It's not easy. You don't ...
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Parts and Labor In 60 Seconds Or Less

Regular readers of I Rock Cleveland shouldn't need an introduction to Parts and Labor. After all, they did release the second best album of 2007 ...
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Three-fer Tuesday: The Death Set, Yea Big and Kid Static, and Die! Die! Die!

The Deathset's last release, Rad Warehouses, Bad Neighborhoods, was quite possibly the funnest 15 minutes of music put to disc in 07. It sounded ...
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"The Basement/Enfant Terrible" by Yea Big and Kid Static

I remember the night of August 8th, 2007 just like it happened 3 1/2 months ago. The Mae Shi came to town with the Chicago hip-hop duo Yea Big ...
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