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Moving Pictures: “Toyohashi” by Summerays

Admittedly, I don't know much about the Cleveland surf pop trio, Summerays. I have three names -- Luke Teeters, Shawn Nutting, Adam Ahlgrim, ...
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The Rockometer: Turning On by Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings Turning On Speaker Tree Records Just as I thought one, not quite ready for prime-time Californian with poor spelling and ...
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“Norman Bleik” by I Was a King

The similarities are too good to pass up: "Norman Bleik," the title of the first single from I Was a King's self titled release, and Norman ...
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Moving Pictures: "Tell the World" by Vivian Girls

In his review for Dusted Magazine, Michael Crumsho sums up my feelings about Vivian Girls rather tidily,Really, then, it’s hard to imagine how ...
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“See These Bones” by Nada Surf

The story of Nada Surf is a fairly common one -- boys make band, band works hard, major label breaks band, band has hit, band doesn't have a ...
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The Rockometer feat. The Black Angels, Death Cab for Cutie, No Age, Frightened Rabbit, Indian Jewelry and Awesome Color

The Black AngelsDirections to See a GhostLight in the AtticTaking their name (and some stylistic cues) from The Velvet Underground, The Black ...
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Twofer Wednesday with Sloan and Robert Pollard

If Sloan aren't kids any more, as they sing on their latest single, "I'm not a Kid Anymore," then that means I'm not a kid anymore, too. You see, ...
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It’s a Celebration of Thomas Function

Thomas Function's Celebration, is an aptly titled upbeat, poppy, and bouncy romp through garage rock, Sixties British Invasion, and rhythm and ...
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