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For a Filthy Good Time: Iggy Pop and Zig Zags and Betty Davis and Zig Zags

Small Business Saturday, the independent retailers' plea for attention after Black Friday, fell on the same day as Bill hits the record stores Saturday this year, as it does pretty much every year. There were still some special Black Friday releases left over at My Mind's Eye Records in Lakewood, my second stop of the day, but those weren't the ones that caught my attention. Over at the 7" section, I scoped out and then picked up...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Arrow by Heartless Bastards

Heartless Bastards Arrow Partisan Records Not to be outdone by that other throwback rock band birthed in the Buckeye State, Erika Wennerstrom and the Heartless Bastards have put together the kind of cohesive, all-purpose rock album in Arrows  that's rarely heard these days.  Whether they're playing back room blues, a honky-tonk shuffle, or a boogie inspired by Marc Bolan and T Rex, Wennerstrom's voice and her bandmates accompa...READ MORE

“If I Were a Carpenter” by Sweet Tea (Feat. Members of The Black Angels and Heartless Bastards)

The fact that "If I Were a Carpenter," the first single released by Sweet Tea, a collaboration started by Erica Wennestrom of Heartless Bastards and Alex Maas of The Black Angles, sounds like The Velvet Underground goes country is by no means a knock on either of these two talents. In fact, I could think of many ways a side project combining the dark, probing psychedelic rock of The Black Angels and the rustic, rugged rock of Heartl...READ MORE

The Rockometer Attacks a Giant Stack of New Music

Being freshly unemployed, I now have more time to devote to I Rock Cleveland. That's good news for you. Starting today, I'm going to work my way through the big stack of cds which have been collecting on my coffee table and all those new releases which are taking up hard drive space on the rock machine. These reviews may be a little more informal than usual, but don't worry. That won't stop me from putting a number on each and ev...READ MORE

“The Mountain” by Heartless Bastards

The Heartless Bastards' Erika Wennerstrom has an unmistakable voice. It's a big, brassy voice. One which conveys the power of a woman who's seen plenty of hard times, and rocked them all. It's not a perfect voice in the American Idol sense, I'm pretty sure it's flat and a bit pitchy, yet, if we're talking about raw power, she has few rivals in modern rock music. Yet, Wennerstrom's pipes are only one key component of "The Moun...READ MORE