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Jam Packed Thursday with Boris, Pharmakon and King Dude

  Now, this is more like it. Ever since Boris' 2008, Smile, the Japanese hard-rock trio have been trying, sometimes successfully, often times not so much so, to streamline they're genre-defying sound. The low point had to be the collaborative album with the Cult's Ian Astbury. Half-baked doesn't come close. 2011's double release of Heavy Rocks and Attention Please wasn't as displeasing, until you realize the band ended up...READ MORE
7 Score

The Rockometer: Guilty of Everything by Nothing

    Nothing Guilty of Everything Relapse Nothing are not your average, new shoegaze band. For one, the label of home of this Philadelphia outfit, Relapse records, is a metal label. In other words, Relapse bands don't do cute. Secondly, there's the case of Nothing's lead singer, Dominic Palermo. Around the turn of the century, he fronted the hardcore punk band Horror Show. It was during that time he was picked...READ MORE

Watch Me: “Drown With the Monster” by White Lung

Someone made good use of their advance, and we're not talking about picking up touring essentials like a new van, clean socks, and a case of Combos, either. Having recently signed to Domino Records, Vancouver's White Lung seemingly put all that money into the studio for a meaner, more metallic sound. The difference between White Lung then and White Lung now, is nothing short of extraordinary. A fair comparison would be Bikini Kil...READ MORE

Jam Packed Thursday Featuring Superchunk, Obliterations, Disappears, and Mogwai

Today is Halloween and do you know what that means? Indie rock Misfits covers. Whether it's Ted Leo, Evan Dando, or Superchunk, I never tire of indie rock Misfits covers. This year's indie rock Misfits cover is a special one, too. Superchunk's take on "Children in Heat," while largely done by the books, servers a larger purpose. It's also the introduction to Merge Records' 25th Anniversary singles club called, Or Thousands of Pri...READ MORE
7 Score

The Rockometer: Soma by Windhand

                  Windhand Soma Relapse There's heavy, then there's ALL CAPS HEAVY, like SUNN O))) cracking a concrete floor, or a Ford F350 towing two more Ford F350s, heavy. Windhand is ALL CAPS HEAVY to the point where another adjective is hardly necessary. It's so heavy, when one first listens to Soma, the second album by these Virginia heavies, it's...READ MORE
8 Score

The Rockometer: Fuzz by Fuzz

                Fuzz Fuzz In the Red Fuzz is the band teenagers and young twenty-somethings dream about when they strap on their first guitars, the kind of band with all of the heaviness and all of the foresight of the first rockers to take the blues to a darker, more menacing place. Then, those teenagers and twenty-somethings realize they don't have the talent ...READ MORE

Play Me: “What’s In My Head” by Fuzz

It's not that I dislike the quiet and introspective Ty Segall as heard on his latest solo release. Rather, I find it all too pedestrian when compared to the sweet racket he'd been making with the Ty Segall Band, Fuzz, and even his earlier solo work. Fuzz - What's In My Head Fuzz - What's In My Head That's better. Isn't it? We've got loud. We've got stomp. We've got Fuzz. Record collectors, this note's for you: The p...READ MORE
6 Score

The Rockometer: Ruthless Sperm by His Electro Blue Voice

                  His Electro Blue Voice Ruthless Sperm Sub Pop Simultaneously, and inexplicably, both too short and too long, His Electro Blue Voice's Sup Pop debut, Ruthless Sperm, remains one of the more captivating rock releases of 2013. The industrial underpinnings of tracks like¬† "Sea Bug" and "Tumor" provide a surprisingly current update to the g...READ MORE

Friday Jam Pack with Jesu, Death Grips and The Dirtbombs

So that thing where Justin K Broadrick of Jesu was going to compartmentalize his creative output lasted, oh, let's say two years. At one point Broadrick had planned to keep Jesu as the home for his guitar-driven work while Pale Sketcher would house his compositions which were more electronic in nature. Now, according to The Quietus, the new Jesu album, I Get Closer to the Light From Which I Came (9.23 Avalanche) will include aspects ...READ MORE

Jam Pack Tuesday with Windhand, Factory Floor, His Electro Blue Voice, and PJ Harvey

Located squarely between '90s grunge (the first wave, the good stuff) and modern doom metal, "Woodbine," by Richmond, Virginia longhairs, Windhand, is two tons of barbells and cement blocks, all-caps HEAVY. It's almost too heavy for a recording, MP3 stream or otherwise. The low end, especially, nearly crumbles underneath its massive weight. Yet, Windhand manage to slug and trudge their way through, delivering an abundance of mass...READ MORE