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The Rockometer: Ruthless Sperm by His Electro Blue Voice

                  His Electro Blue Voice Ruthless Sperm Sub Pop ...
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Who Likes Rock Records? A Certifiable Shit-Ton Of 8.20 Rock Releases Has Hit The Internet

There is, quite literally, a shit-ton of new rock releases from 8.20 streaming over the internet at this very moment. The new Ty Segall record on ...
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Jam Pack Tuesday with Windhand, Factory Floor, His Electro Blue Voice, and PJ Harvey

Located squarely between '90s grunge (the first wave, the good stuff) and modern doom metal, "Woodbine," by Richmond, Virginia longhairs, ...
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Friday Jam Pack with M.I.A., His Electro Blue Voice and Mark Lanegan

To hear M.I.A. tell it, the most recent delay to her much delayed album, Mantangi, was caused by the songs delivered to the label being too ...
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Top Jam: “Kidult” by His Electro Blue Voice

What's a music tech company to do once they launch their music service? Create a recommendation engine, of course. Being able to recommend an ...
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