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A Jam Packed Thursday with DFA 1979, Interpol, Goat, and History of Apple Pie

Typically, July is a down month for those of us interested in new jams. With few new releases on the calendar, music websites will post just ...
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The Rockometer: S/T by Interpol

Interpol Interpol Matador Records For better or worse, the self-titled, fourth album by the NYC post-punk band, Interpol, is exactly the album ...
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Interpol. Cleveland House of Blues. 07.23.07

I'm still not convinced that Interpol's Our Love To Admire is as bad as some contend, but watching the band try to incorporate many of these new ...
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Win 2 Tickets to the Sold Out Interpol Show in Cleveland on July 23rd

Love 'em or hate 'em, you can debate the merits of Interpol's music, moustaches and finely tailored suits here. Now, let's say you want to get in ...
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Interpol and the Art of the Negative Album Review

Or, Joy Division Are So 2002. All the Cool Kids Listen to Bands That Sound Like Daft Punk in 2007.Turns out I was wrong. Interpol don't have a ...
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Ins, Outs, What Have Yous

I just got word from the inbox that Two Cow Garage will be playing the Beachland on Saturday, August 25th. I don't know how this news makes you ...
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