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The Rockometer: Black Moon Spell by King Tuff

Would Batman still be Batman without Bruce Wayne? Would Superman be the same without Clark Kent? Sure, they'd still be super heroes, of course, they're super and heroic, but without their alter egos their characters would be far less compelling. For two albums, King Tuff's Kyle Thomas pulled off a similar stunt. By day he was a do-nothing layabout who surfed couches and snacked cheese doodles. In his dreams, and on stage, he was a different person. The minute he strapped on that guitar he would become King Tuff, the pin-up idol of teenage girls and the envy of every man who'd ever played to mostly empty, wholly disinterested barrooms.
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A Jam Packed Thursday with Thurston Moore, Perfect Pussy, Godflesh, Dark Blue, The Twerps, and King Tuff

The news of a new Thurston Moore album has been out and about on the internet for a little while now. What's gotten fans most excited, is that this new band would include both Debbie George from My Bloody Valentine and ex-Sonic Youth drummer, Steve Shelley, as well as English guitarist, James Sedwards.
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Play Me: “Eyes of the Muse” by King Tuff

  Anyone familiar with King Tuff's past work can tell you the man isn't intimidated by the classic rock canon. Depending on where you ...
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The Rockometer: King Tuff Was Dead by King Tuff

                King Tuff King Tuff Was Dead Burger Records T Rex's Marc ...
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Play Me: “Screaming Skull” by King Tuff

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The Rockometer: S/T by King Tuff

King Tuff King Tuff Sub Pop With a preference for ripped jeans, tees and baseball hats, King Tuff's Kyle Thomas doesn't look the part of rock ...
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Twofer Tuesday: “Keep on Movin'” and “Bad Thing” by King Tuff

Is King Tuff an offshoot of Happy Birthday, or is it the other way around?  In 2010, Kyle Thomas, aka, King Tuff teamed up with Ruth Garbus ...
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“Hands” by King Tuff

King Tuff's "Hands" isn't a complicated jam, as big guitars, a bomping beat, and some well timed screams are just about all there is to it.  Yet, ...
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