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Top Jam 2014: A Selection of the Year’s Best Albums and Tracks

Top jams need no rationale. Top jams are self evident, like our inalienable freedoms. Every once in a while, we need a reminder how precious these things can be. That's it. Hell, I shouldn't even need links and embeds. You should take one look at this list and exclaim, "Hot Damn! Those are some top jams!" And, for one moment, you and I will bond in all that was righteous in rock in 2014. Obnox, had the most righteous 2014, indeed.
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From the IRCWHQ Newsdesk: The Cleveland Scene Recounts 40 Years of Cleveland Concert Memories and Comes Up A Little Short

Sifting through 40 years of Rock 'N' Roll history is no small task.  Seemingly undaunted, The Cleveland Scene, takes a stab at it in its 40th ...
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Idolator Presents a Different Kind of Decade List

Idolator are the latest internet publication to do the best of the decade list thing, but theirs comes with a sinister twist. In counting down F2K, ...
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The Free Times Makes The Ultimate Cleveland Summer Mixtape

The great thing about lists, or mixtapes for that matter, is that they're never right. Make a list on a website and someone, scratch that, ...
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