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Play Me: “Ghost” by Obnox

While Mikal Cronin and Mirrors were slotted as the co-headliners for WRUW's Studio-A-Rama this past Saturday, the one artist who stole the show for me, and the one artist I'm still thinking about on Monday night, was the West Side, punk rock wrecking crew called Obnox. For most of the night, it was just Bim Thomas (This Moment in Black History) ripping tortured, scorching guitar riffs and another cat on the drums. At times, th...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Let’s Go Eat the Factory by Guided by Voices

Guided by Voices Let's Go Eat the Factory GBV Records From the beginning, the Guided by Voices reunion of the mid-90s lineup was different.  It may have read like the familiar script -- Cult band tours theaters and the festival circuit, gets their due and gets some dollars, but unlike many of their peers there was a palpable sense that Robert Pollard, Tobin Sprout, Mitch Mitchell, Greg Demos, and Kevin Fennell were actually enj...READ MORE

“The Get It Inn” by Obnox

Obnox is Lamont "Bim" Thomas of Cleveland's This Moment in Black History, The Bassholes, The Deathers, Puffy Aerolas, and probably a bunch of other bands only Ohio die-hards can reference and "The Get It Inn" is what Rock 'N' Roll sounds like when its done quick, dirty and right. For his first solo album, "Bim," holed up with a four track in a loft with booze and smoke and simply blasted out jams with his buds for seven days. The r...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Dancer Equired by Times New Viking

Times New Viking Dancer Equired Merge Records Underneath all the scuzz, fuzz, and lo-fi hiss, Columbus, Ohio's Times New Viking have always been a pop band at heart.  Songs like "Natural Resources, I've Got Mine," "Teenage Lust," "Drop-Out," and "My Head," may have been obscured on record, but when these numbers  came out live, with much truer fidelity, they really popped.  With Dancer Equired, the trio's first release for Me...READ MORE

“Ever Falling In Love” by Times New Viking

With "Ever Falling In Love," the second preview track from Times New Viking's Dancer Equared, it's quickly becoming clear that along with a move to Merge Records, the Columbus trio have made additional, even more substantial moves -- Towards pop and better fidelity.  No one will mistake "Ever Falling in Love," for something shiny, well-produced, and radio-ready, but for those familiar with the band's back-catalog, the change is stri...READ MORE

“French Countryside” by Psychedelic Horseshit

When Columbus, Ohio's Psychedelic Horseshit first came to prominence (Or infamy, or depending on your point of view) with Magic Flowers Droned in 2007, they wrecked and recreated lo-fi music in such a rebellious manner, they inadvertently created the new genre in the process. The critics called it shitgaze. Now, four years later, Matt Horseshit and company have their deconstructive sights set on a new target, the warbly and psy...READ MORE

“Do You Want to Give $$$” by Sic Alps

Nearly three years have passed since Sic Alps last album, US EZ, was released on Siltbreeze.  In that time, the Bay Area duo has become a trio with the recent addition of Noel Von Harmonson (Comets on Fire) and they've found a new label home with Drag City.  Otherwise, little has changed for this primitive psych-rock outfit.  The lo-fi single,"Do You Want to Give $$$," shuffles and half stumbles along at a sedated pace as drums cl...READ MORE

The Rockometer: S/T by Idle Times

Idle Times S/T Hozac Records Even a cursory listen to Idle Times' self-titled release for Hozac Records reveals a band who would absolutely slay a small club audience.  Imagine how those skronky guitars which slit and slice their way through early psychedelic rock, garage rock, and pop would sound on a proper sound system.  That room would shake!  Unfortunately, the thin, tinny mix, while consistent with the grittiness inhere...READ MORE

“Do You Hear Those Bells” by Idle Times

Idle Times' "Do You Hear Those Bells," is primitive psych rock in the vein of San Francisco's Sic Alps with a kick -- Shredding.  Who knew all that dodgy gear could produce something so sweet?  Yet, there it is, waiting for you there at the one-minute mark, and again at the second,  a wonderful blast of guitar squalor rattling those old amps.  In another band's hands, it could have sounded self-serving, or over the top.  Not her...READ MORE

“No Room to Live” by Times New Viking

Recent internet chatter seems to indicate that Columbus' Times New Viking have a new album on the way and that album won't be for their current label, Matador Records.  While there's been no definitive word yet, there is this story from Donewaiting and their source World of Wumme.  Then, during some between song banter at the Guided by Voices classic line-up tour stop in LA, where TNV were serving as the opening act, Robert Pollard...READ MORE