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Play Me: “Come Walk With Me” by M.I.A.

A funny thing happened when M.I.A played her new track, "Come Walk With Me," at the Pitchfork Music Festival this past July: The crowd gave ...
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2013 Pitchfork Music Festival: M.I.A.

There were times during M.I.A.'s Sunday evening set at the Pitchfork Music Festival, where she appeared to be every bit the headliner as the ...
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Friday Jam Pack with M.I.A., His Electro Blue Voice and Mark Lanegan

To hear M.I.A. tell it, the most recent delay to her much delayed album, Mantangi, was caused by the songs delivered to the label being too ...
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From the IRCWHQ Newsdesk: The Gotcha Media Got M.I.A. Good

At the end of Lynn Hirschberg's nine-page piece on pop-antagonizer, M.I.A., the Sri Linkan born singer is left looking like a walking, talking ...
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M.I.A. Hates Freedom, Loves ’70s Punk and Ultra Violence, And Other Thoughts on the M.I.A. Video Premiere for “Born Free”

The message from M.I.A. and director Romain Gavras in the short film for "Born Free" is a direct one:  How would you feel if atrocities committed ...
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