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From the IRCWHQ Newsdesk: Hot Cha Cha and Exit Stencil Records Featured at CMJ, Mystery of Two and Machine Go Boom Do Cleveland Sessions

*Both Hot Cha Cha and Exit Stencil Records were recently featured at CMJ. Hot Cha Cha was the lead review on for Monday (and I should add ...
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New Audio Eagle Compilation Due Out This Fall

Audio Eagle Records, the label co-founded by the Black Keys' Patrick Carney, is putting together a new compilation cd of Ohio bands for release ...
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Machine Go Boom, Hallelujah The Hills, State of Ohio, and Miranda Sound. Parish Hall Cleveland. 06.29.07

I never claimed to be the smartest music blogger in all the land. If I was, I would have figured out early in the night that since the speaker on ...
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Music For Parents by Machine Go Boom

Machine Go Boom Music For Parents Collectible Escalators 2007 On the surface, the title of Machine Go Boom's latest cd, Music For Parents is ...
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