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Watch Me: “Sad Lover” by Mark Lanegan Band

  Just the other day I was listening to some Mark Lanegan, ok, just about every day I listen to some Mark Lanegan, but on this day I was listening to his 2004 LP Bubblegum and thinking to myself, "Wouldn't it be nice if Lanegan released another rocker." While, "Sad Lover," from the forthcoming EP No Bells on Sunday, may not be a nasty, blues-banger in the vein of the Bubblegum highlight, "Methamphetamine Blues," it doe...READ MORE
8 Score

The Rockometer: Has God Seen My Shadow by Mark Lanegan

        Mark Lanegan Has God Seen My Shadow Light in the Attic Has God Seen My Shadow, the 3XLP Mark Lanegan anthology compiled by Light in the Attic Records, does not attempt to paint a complete picture of the man who became almost famous with the Screaming Trees in the '90s. More than three LPs would be needed to collect even a sample of his solo work since 1990, his time spent with Queens o...READ MORE
5 Score

The Rockometer: Imitations by Mark Lanegan

                Mark Lanegan Imitations Vagrant Records So, three men in flannel shirts and hi-tops, a Pearl Jam, a Nirvana, and a Soundgarden, walk into a hotel lounge. It's 4 o'clock and all of the greys are taking advantage of the early bird special on steak and baked potato. On the stage, there's a singer who looks vaguely familiar. He has long hair and a le...READ MORE

Friday Jam Pack with M.I.A., His Electro Blue Voice and Mark Lanegan

To hear M.I.A. tell it, the most recent delay to her much delayed album, Mantangi, was caused by the songs delivered to the label being too positive. I'm not too sure I buy that one. If anything, major labels, like the one she's signed to, tend to demand positive, club songs from their pop artists and wouldn't complain one bit of M.I.A. delivered an album of hits. Could the opposite be true? "Bring the Noize," is a fireball of a ...READ MORE

Play Me: “Pentacostal” by Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood

Having previously teamed with Isobel Campbell and Greg Dulli on separate projects, grunge survivor, Mark Lanegan is no stranger to the collaborative album. His latest effort, however, an album recorded with English bluesman, Duke Garwood, may have you heading for google as you hit play. Garwood's name doesn't come with much recognition on this side of the Atlantic. Fret not. Lanegan is said to be a huge fan of Garwood's and "P...READ MORE

Not Released, But Sounded Sweet in 2012: Selections from a Year of Record Collecting

Eric's Trip - Songs About Chris (1993) With our pocket computers running Shazam, Spotify, YouTube and Google, it's nearly impossible to lose a song due to a lapse in human memory any more. This wasn't always the case. In the '90s, my pants pocket often held one very important, folded up piece of paper. This piece of paper, it could have been been a bill or a piece of homework, really deserved a more permanent place on my self, one no...READ MORE

For a Filthy Good Time: Iggy Pop and Zig Zags and Betty Davis and Zig Zags

Small Business Saturday, the independent retailers' plea for attention after Black Friday, fell on the same day as Bill hits the record stores Saturday this year, as it does pretty much every year. There were still some special Black Friday releases left over at My Mind's Eye Records in Lakewood, my second stop of the day, but those weren't the ones that caught my attention. Over at the 7" section, I scoped out and then picked up...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Blues Funeral by Mark Lanegan Band

Mark Lanegan Band Blues Funeral 4AD/Beggars Group US Recently, I marveled at Mark Lanegan's voice, that deep and leathery, wavering and seductive voice, and noted how I would not only listen to Lanegan reinterpreting the catalog of pop songstress, Katy Perry, but I would buy that collection, too.  That's the power of having the voice of Rock 'N' Roll. Blues Funeral, Lanegan's first solo collection since 2004's Bubblegum, pre...READ MORE

“The Gravedigger’s Song” by The Mark Lanegan Band

I'm not going to lie. Mark Lanegan could release an album of Katy Perry covers and I'd not only listen to it, but I'd probably put down cash money for it, too. Now, that's not to say quality doesn't matter when it comes to the output of the one time Screaming Trees frontman. Rather, his voice is so captivating -- Deep, smoky, lonesome, and in the case of "Gravedigger's Song," from his soon to be released album, Blues Funeral,...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: “You Won’t Let Me Down Again” by Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan

Over the past two decades, the gravelly, boozed and burdened voice of Mark Lanegan has been featured in  grunge, hard rock, American roots, country, folk, and even electronic music.  Yet, rarely does it sound any better than when paired with the sprite-like charms of Isobel Campbell.  "You Won't Let Me Down Again," from the soon to be released album, Hawk, finds Lanegan's slow, hungry yowl taking the lead with Campbell providi...READ MORE