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News Jam: The Tale of the Two Black Flags Caps a Mad Week of Music

Following in the footsteps of such greats as Funkadelic and Man or Astro Man?, and not so greats like LA Guns, Great White, Asia and Queensryche, ...
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Shredding Females: New Jams from Marnie Stern and Screaming Females

It sure is nice to hear Marnie Stern hasn't lost one bit of that guitar-geekery which has made her the apple in many a young indie rocker's eye ...
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The Battle of the Indie Video Vixens: Marnie Stern vs Those Dancing Days

It's Marnie Stern versus Those Dancing Days in an epic battle for your heartstrings.In one corner, there's Marnie Stern, and her new video for ...
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Celebrate Rocktober with Some Hot Girl on Guitar Action from Marnie Stern

Ask yourself this question. How much could a single, thirty-something dude who writes a music blog love an attractive 32 year old female guitarist ...
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“Transformer” by Marnie Stern

Do you wanna know what's great about Marnie Stern? The shredding. You know what else is great about Marnie Stern? The shredding. And get ...
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Marnie Stern

It took a while for me to recognize the rockingness of Marnie Stern. The first couple listens, didn't quite do it for me. Strangely enough, it ...
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