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The Rockometer: Celestial Lineage by Wolves in the Throne Room

Wolves in the Throne Room Celestial Lineage Southern Lord Similar in scope to Sunn O)))'s masterpiece, Monoliths and Dimensions, and even recalling the grandeur of instrumental rock greats like Mogwai or Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Celestial Lineage, the latest release by Wolves in the Throne Room, does more than redefine black metal for the American audience -- It renders the very notion of genre pointless.  And unlike much o...READ MORE

The Rockometer: The Hunter by Mastodon

Mastodon The Hunter Reprise Attention headbangers and metal enthusiasts:  Before you get all chaffed because Mastodon went ahead and threw a handful of radio-friendly unit shifters on their latest album, The Hunter, ask yourself this question: In streamlining their progressive metal sound from head-spinning epics about Moby Dick, the Russian Empire, and who knows what else, into more concise, but still bludgeoning three to fou...READ MORE

Top Jam: “Speak in Tongues” by Megachurch

Poor Harold Camping.  Twice he tried to warn us sinners about our day of reckoning and twice the day of the Apocalypse came and went and we still stood.  What went wrong?  The day of Jesus' coming has to be in the Bible somewhere. To find out where Camping went awry I ran some numbers of my own.  I started with May 21st, Camping's last prediction.  Added in 144,000 (The height of the walls of New Jerusalem).  Divided by ...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Ascension by Jesu

Jesu Ascension Calo Verde As a general rule, I wouldn't recommend the creative path Justin K. Broadrick has chosen with his projects Jesu and Pale Sketcher, steering his heavier music to one (Jesu) and the more electronic based music to the other (Pale Sketcher).  Why not have one project that encompasses elements of both, with a rockin' track here and something more mellow there?  Wouldn't that produce a more fulfilling exper...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Aesthethica by Liturgy

Liturgy Aesthethica Thrill Jockey Liturgy aren't a black metal act, but they do play one on stage and in the studio.  The Brooklyn-based band don't walk, talk, or dress the part, and consequently, draw much ire from black metal faithful who prefer their machine gun riffs and guttural growls only when they come replete with corpse paint.  It's their loss for  Aesthethica is as forward-thinking as any metal album, black or othe...READ MORE

“Riot Sugar” by Boris

During their long career, the Japanese heavy band, Boris, have taken on doom, drone, metal, blues, and psych and rocked them all.  For their last release, the band took on the Cult's Ian Astbury.  It didn't exactly rock.  With Astbury singing about demons and witches and other standard heavy fare, they at times, came off as a parody of themselves.  Now, while Astbury is still here, singing back-up vocals on "Riot Sugar," the ...READ MORE

“Father Midnight” by Earth

Patient, ominous, heavy, evocative, totally f*ckin' rad -- All of the adjectives which have been used to describe the latter day output of guitarist Dylan Carson, and the work of his pioneering doom-metal band Earth, are also apt here.  "Father Midnight," is the first track to be released from their forthcoming album on Southern Lord records, and it builds on the slow-motion, American West soundscapes heard on the albums Hex, Hi...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Wilderness Heart by Black Mountain

Black Mountain Wilderness Heart Jagjaguwar For a band like Vancouver, longhaired throwback rockers, Black Mountain, there was really no where to go after their monolithic 2008, release, In the Future.  They couldn't craft fiercer guitar riffs; They couldn't make these keyboards any creepier; They couldn't coax any more emotion out of dual vocalists Stephen McBean and Amber Weber; They couldn't push, pull, and shred the limits o...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: “Black Rain” by Soundgarden

Better than a new Soundgarden song, "Black Rain," is an outtake from the Seattle band's Badmotorfinger sessions set to be included on the band's forthcoming greatest hits package.  As such, you get the full Soundgarden in this one-- the fierce and grungy low-end, brutal guitar riffs sharing space with more nimbly picked melodies, and vocalist Chris Cornell hitting notes no man with balls should be able to hit.  Hardly a toss-o...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Boris with Ian Astbury by BXI

BXI Boris with Ian Astbury Southern Lord The funny thing about this collaboration between the mightily respected, Japanese hard rock band, Boris and The Cult's Ias Astbury, is for years many have contended (Myself included) that the only obstacle keeping Boris from totally dominating American Rock 'N' Roll is the fact their English is mainly limited to phrases like "Rock 'N' Roll," "Metal," and "F*ck Yeah."  Put a real vocalist...READ MORE