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“Riot Sugar” by Boris

During their long career, the Japanese heavy band, Boris, have taken on doom, drone, metal, blues, and psych and rocked them all.  For their last release, the band took on the Cult's Ian Astbury.  It didn't exactly rock.  With Astbury singing about demons and witches and other standard heavy fare, they at times, came off as a parody of themselves.  Now, while Astbury is still here, singing back-up vocals on "Riot Sugar," the ...READ MORE

“Father Midnight” by Earth

Patient, ominous, heavy, evocative, totally f*ckin' rad -- All of the adjectives which have been used to describe the latter day output of guitarist Dylan Carson, and the work of his pioneering doom-metal band Earth, are also apt here.  "Father Midnight," is the first track to be released from their forthcoming album on Southern Lord records, and it builds on the slow-motion, American West soundscapes heard on the albums Hex, Hi...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Wilderness Heart by Black Mountain

Black Mountain Wilderness Heart Jagjaguwar For a band like Vancouver, longhaired throwback rockers, Black Mountain, there was really no where to go after their monolithic 2008, release, In the Future.  They couldn't craft fiercer guitar riffs; They couldn't make these keyboards any creepier; They couldn't coax any more emotion out of dual vocalists Stephen McBean and Amber Weber; They couldn't push, pull, and shred the limits o...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: “Black Rain” by Soundgarden

Better than a new Soundgarden song, "Black Rain," is an outtake from the Seattle band's Badmotorfinger sessions set to be included on the band's forthcoming greatest hits package.  As such, you get the full Soundgarden in this one-- the fierce and grungy low-end, brutal guitar riffs sharing space with more nimbly picked melodies, and vocalist Chris Cornell hitting notes no man with balls should be able to hit.  Hardly a toss-o...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Boris with Ian Astbury by BXI

BXI Boris with Ian Astbury Southern Lord The funny thing about this collaboration between the mightily respected, Japanese hard rock band, Boris and The Cult's Ias Astbury, is for years many have contended (Myself included) that the only obstacle keeping Boris from totally dominating American Rock 'N' Roll is the fact their English is mainly limited to phrases like "Rock 'N' Roll," "Metal," and "F*ck Yeah."  Put a real vocalist...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: "H.M.A. (Heavy Metal Addict)" by Boris

Never let it be said that Japanese heavy music maestros, Boris, don't like to have fun. Granted, the 60 minute drones in their catalog bear the hallmark of a serious band who make serious music, but to see them live, is to see a group who are genuinely enthusiastic about melting your face with big riffs. On their last tour, especially, they were all smiles, Takeshi, striking poses as he blasted that double neck guitar, and Atsuo dr...READ MORE

The Rockometer: When I See the Sun Always Shines on TV by Nadja

NadjaWhen I See the Sun Always Shines on TVThe EndLike swimming in a sea of red cough syrup, Nadja's all-encompassing guitar rumble is woozy and ethereal, and moves as if time itself has been distorted. Crawling, sprawling dirges seep slowly through the speakers, shaking anything not secured by mega putty. Yet, as impressive as the Nadja listening experience may be, one thing has been missing from their career to date -- songs. Twent...READ MORE

Early Man, Red Fang, and Venomin James Live at Grog Shop Cleveland Heights 03.07.09

There's an old saying which has taken on a certain relevance in my life, especially during these tough economic times. Maybe you've heard it before. It goes something like, "When life gives you lemons, go out and get your face melted." At least, that's how I remember it. And while I can't say for certain whether everyone in attendance at the Grog Shop for this past Saturday night's hard, heavy, shred-fest featuring Early Man, Red...READ MORE

Celebrate Rocktober with Sunn O)))

Drone doesn't get deeper or darker than Stephen O'Malley's Sunn O))). Turn this up loud enough and you'll get noise complaints from your neighbors two floors down. Turn it up a bit louder and Sunn O))) can crack foundations and cause structural havoc. Is that it? Three monks of destruction with guitars invoking the curdling cries of hell bound souls?Yes, that's it. And it's awesome. YOUTUBE: Sunn O))) - Live Berlin, Volksbuhne P...READ MORE
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