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Moving Pictures: “Putin Lights Up Fires” by Pussy Riot

This video, this song, "Putin Lights Up Fires," does not exists without context. By now, most are familiar with the story of the Russian punk rock collective, Pussy Riot, and how in the eyes of the Russian church and Russian government, they took their performance art too far when they staged a punk prayer in an orthodox cathedral. Blasphemous, indecent, said the authorities. Three members were tried, in one sham of a trial, and...READ MORE

Play Me: “The Hill” by Ty Segall

Ty Segall's "The Hill," the first track released from Twins (10/9 Drag City) follows one collaborative album with White Fence and one album with his live band, Ty Segall Band, for his third record of 2012. And for a moment, the first 15 seconds to be exact, it appears Segall is throwing his listeners for another loop. Is it New Age? Or, is it the Age of Aquarius? No and no. The hippie choral that introduces "The Hill," is nothing...READ MORE

Play Me: “The Descent” by Bob Mould

As promised, Bob Mould's first offering from his upcoming release, The Silver Age (9/4 on Merge Records), finds him back in the same buzzsaw pop mode as his former bands Husker Du and Sugar. And just like many of the tracks on those recently reissued Sugar albums, "The Descent" masks its doomy, downtrodden subject matter with a decidedly upbeat melody and blasted, distorted guitars front and center of the mix. Granted, this may not...READ MORE

The Rockometer: S/T by Wild Flag

Wild Flag Wild Flag Merge Indie Rock, that catch-all genre for all things underground, has had to fend off numerous criticisms over the past few years -- Inide rock too white!  It's too nostalgic!  It's too safe!  It's too smart for its own good!  What is indie rock anyway?!?  One criticism no one ever lobs, however, is that indie rock is too much fun. The reason is simple and can be seen with one's own eyes at indie roc...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: “Romance” by Wild Flag

Because indie rock does not have enough girls who rock. Because indie rock does not have enough rock kicks and windmills and fun. Seriously, when did indie rock stop being fun. "Romance" by Wild Flag is, more than anything else, fun. Yes, it's a supergroup of '90s faves like Sleter-Kinney's Carrie Brownstein and Helium's Mary Timony, but what makes the video and the song, is the free-wheeling nature of it all. Skittish verses...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Let it Beard by Boston Spaceships

Boston Spaceships Let It Beard GBV Records On the heels of a successful reunion tour by Robert Pollard's first, and far more popular band, Guided by Voices, and with persistent rumors that the classic lineup of that band (Those largely responsible for albums like Propeller, Bee Thousand, Alien Lanes, and Under the Bushes, Under the Stars) will release an album of new material, it's been easy to overlook what Pollard has accompli...READ MORE

“The Long Goodbye” by Army Navy

Without actually knowing how much work the Los Angeles trio, Army Navy, put into recording their second album, I hesitate to say a song like "The Long Goodbye" is effortless. Yet, it is. The way Justin Keenedy's voice easily climbs and trails during the chorus; The way that chorus is singable and memorable the first time around; And the way the keys and guitars percolate in the background, then rise along with Kennedy all seem ...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: “Hey Friend” by JEFF the Brotherhood

JEFF the Brotherhood's "Hey Friend" is a tale of two songs played out over a tale of the road. The first half is an extended jam into murky, Southern psychedelic rock, all dark and winding with sick riffs in the style of bands like Black Mountain or Dead Meadow. The second half has a noticeably different tone. After a clean break, The Brotherhood stomp the pedals and hit on some early grunge, all big and thick and brooding and...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Aesthethica by Liturgy

Liturgy Aesthethica Thrill Jockey Liturgy aren't a black metal act, but they do play one on stage and in the studio.  The Brooklyn-based band don't walk, talk, or dress the part, and consequently, draw much ire from black metal faithful who prefer their machine gun riffs and guttural growls only when they come replete with corpse paint.  It's their loss for  Aesthethica is as forward-thinking as any metal album, black or othe...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Past Life Martyred Saints by EMA

EMA Past Life Martyred Saints Soutterain Transmissions Like the best art chronicling unexpected and unwelcome, life-changing events, EMA's Past Life Martyred Saints, Erika Anderson's first album since the breakup of her previous band, Gowns, and her previous relationship with Gowns collaborator, Ezra Buchla, features a range of emotions, both positive and negative, which shift by the day, by the hour, the minute, or in this case...READ MORE