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The Rockometer: m b v by My Bloody Valentine

                My Bloody Valentine m b v I heard the jokes, too. On Saturday, February 2nd, the night Kevin Shields and My Bloody Valentine finally got around to releasing their forever delayed follow-up to their 1991 breakthrough album, Loveless, Twitter was buzzing with a mix of frustration and excitement from a fanbase growing increasingly impatient with an...READ MORE
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Play Me: “in another way/nothing is” by my bloody valentine

Something strange and something wonderful happens on the second half of My Bloody Valentine's eternally delayed new album, m b v, and we're not talking about the fact this thing actually exists. This is strange and wonderful: And so is this: Both songs show a way forward for Kevin Shields and his band, one that doesn't involve tinkering with a basic, albeit groundbreaking template developed some 20 years ago. Whe...READ MORE
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Play Me: “she found now” by my bloody valentine

After twenty-two years, three excruciating hours where servers heaved and crumpled under the crush of an excited fanbase, and perhaps, even some intervention by President Obama, Kevin Shields and My Bloody Valentine have released their new album. It's simply titled, m b v, lowercase and spaces, please. This album will be obsessed over during the coming days. There will be memes, and backlash from the clever side of the web, an...READ MORE

News of The Rock ‘N’ Roll Kind: That New My Bloody Valentine Record Probably Ain’t Happenin’, But a New Cleveland Rock Compilation Is Definitely Coming Out

A recap of recent music news because I'm a maker, damnit, and I don't have time to read and re-tweet every piece of music news during the week. And I suspect, you're a maker, too, and similarly, don't have time for every, tweet, like and piece, either. Borrowing a line from a friend of mine, get ready for Chinese Democracy, Too. Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine assures us the long-awaited follow-up to his band's 1991 masterp...READ MORE