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The Rockometer: Push the Sky Away by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

              Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Push the Sky Away Bad Seed LTD After two albums with the raucous Bad Seed alter ego, Grinderman, and one album with the Bad Seeds which shared much of the machismo of their other selves, Nick Cave has brought back the Bad Seeds proper for a suite of nine subdued ballads. Gone are the rabid howls of a man whose blood is boiling wit...READ MORE

Play Me: “Jubilee Street” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

With "Jubilee Street," we're now two tracks into the new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds record and it's becoming even more clear that Push the Sky Away will be a clean break from the nasty and rowdy Nick Cave of Grinderman. Like first single, "We No Who U R," "Jubilee Street," is a calm and meditative number, skillfully orchestrated and exquisitely narrated by a man whose voice has the ability to twist a seemingly innocuous stroll i...READ MORE

Play Me: “We No Who U R” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Let's talk contrast, as in the manly, often brutish sounds of Nick Cave's work with some of the Bad Seeds in Grinderman versus, "We No Who U R," the first single from Nick Cave and the Bad Seed's forthcoming album, Push the Sky Away, and its subtle arrangement of electric piano, bass, slight, electronic beats and flute. Grinderman would have never done flute. Grinderman would have sent you back to band camp with that flute busted...READ MORE

News Jam: Black Keys Settle Lawsuits Against Home Dept and Pizza Hut, A Winter Release Update, and Cloud Nothings to Headline a NYE Bash in CLE

Akron-bred, blues rock duo, The Black Keys have settled their lawsuits against Pizza Hut and Home Depot over illegal use of their songs "Gold in the Ceiling" and "Lonely Boy" in commercials. Terms were not disclosed...Did you ever wonder how so many similar sounding songs end up in commercials in the first place? Are corporations really that evil that they won't pay to legally use a song? Yes and no. This past summer, On the Media re...READ MORE

I Rock Cleveland’s Year End Extravaganza Bonanza: 2008′s Top Albums

More than any other year of I Rock Cleveland's Year End Extravaganza Bonanza, the 25 albums compiled in this list represent both the albums which I've personally enjoyed the most, and the albums which I hold in the highest critical regard. There are no consensus picks (Sorry, Fleet Foxes), no popular picks (Sorry, TV on the Radio, I really, really tried this time), and no My Morning Jacket (Sorry dudes, your album was pretty much awf...READ MORE

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds in Moving Pictures:”More News from Nowhere” and “Night of the Lotus Eaters”

This week has seen two new videos released for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' most excellent new album, Dig Lazarus Dig. I've already said plenty about this release, but I realize there's some of you out there who may not be in to the whole wordy thing, and missed the fact that Nick Cave and Co. have released one of the year's best albums. So, here's your second chance, and there's no reading involved. Just sit back and watch. The ...READ MORE

The Rockometer Featuring Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Portishead, Boris, and Tapes N Tapes

Nick Cave and The Bad SeedsDig Lazarus DigAnti-At 50 years old, Nick Cave should be aging gracefully, trying his best not to tarnish his legacy, and getting the band back together only to play county fairs, air shows, and rib cook offs whenever the boys in the band need some extra coin. He shouldn't be this relevant. He shouldn't be releasing career defining albums this late in his career, year after year, first with Grinderman, and ...READ MORE

“Dig Lazarus Dig!!!” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

If it seems like the ageless Nick Cave has been around forever, well, it's because in musical terms, he has. His discography stretches way back to 1980 and the influential post-punk band, The Birthday Party. And not only has he released too many albums for me to take the time and count on Wikipedia or All Music Guide, some of his best work has been produced in just the last few years. It started with 04's Abattoir Blues/The Lyre...READ MORE