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A Jam Packed Thursday with Thurston Moore, Perfect Pussy, Godflesh, Dark Blue, The Twerps, and King Tuff

The news of a new Thurston Moore album has been out and about on the internet for a little while now. What's gotten fans most excited, is that this new band would include both Debbie George from My Bloody Valentine and ex-Sonic Youth drummer, Steve Shelley, as well as English guitarist, James Sedwards.
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Jam Packed Thursday with Boris, Pharmakon and King Dude

  Now, this is more like it. Ever since Boris' 2008, Smile, the Japanese hard-rock trio have been trying, sometimes successfully, often ...
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10 Score

The Rockometer: S/T by Ruined Fortune

    Ruined Fortune Ruined Fortune Hozac Records For the past five-plus years, Australian rock music has been on an ...
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9 Score

The Rockometer: Grassed Inn by Blank Realm

        Blank Realm Grassed Inn Fire Records Early press introduced Grassed Inn as Blank Realm's pop ...
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Play Me: “Molecule” by Obnox

Did you come here looking for the Obnox Appreciation Association? If so, you're in the right place. No one, and I mean no one, is doing more ...
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Play Me: “Steal the Light” by CCR Headcleaner

Way to keep it weird, San Francisco. Featuring members of bands like The Hospitals and Long-Legged Women, CCR Headcleaner deliver the loud and ...
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8 Score

The Rockometer: Era by Disappears

                    Disappears Era Kranky Since their ...
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6 Score

The Rockometer: Ruthless Sperm by His Electro Blue Voice

                  His Electro Blue Voice Ruthless Sperm Sub Pop ...
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